I did so well on the CORI shops I did today that....

I even got four more reviews with scores of 5 that I didn't even do!

(okay granted, they were emails sent to the wrong person)

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I have done over 500 shops for them... yes 500 ! my rating is -0.2
can anyone get lower than that.... ? I think it's hilarious ! and since they
can't get anyone down here to put up with their measly fees they still ask
me to do them. Fortunately, as of this month they have some new reviewers
that seem to be considerably nicer.
Yikes! What is all that about? Good for you not to get upset. You're doing the job and getting paid for it, right?

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I have never shopped for CORI. I do not know how they justify their fees. However, I keep getting offers from the with their "new higher fees."
How does one get such a low rating with CRI? I thought 5's were given as a matter of course.
Nope 5's are the usual but there is one editor who HATES receipts. I did 5 of the same shops, same day, diff locations, same automatic receipts. 4 of them are already in and rated. One is held because the receipts are to hard to read. These stores use the same registers, same equipment etc... But.. the names on the reviews are different. I can gaurantee I will get about a 2 out of this shop after I argue with them and send the same receipt back in twice more.
BUT, if ya wait long enough they raise the shop fees. Then it's worth working for them even with the aggravation.
I have actually done 10 shops now with all 5 but my average remained at 4.8. Good thing about them was I never did them at the original fee. Thus, I am not going to reach 5 in my lifetime, I think. lol
Just don't make a mistake .... they will shoot you down a full point each time and then it takes FOREVER to get back up.
They even do it to you when it is their mistake.
I have never gotten less than a 5, but your rating doesn't start out at 5. I think it starts at 3? Anyway, I have done 53 shops and my rating is still 4.9.
Yes it starts at a 3 which is the auditor rating. It is rare for a shopper to report getting less than a 5 on a shop rating. I have never known who the editor was on any of the 700 plus shops for CORI because the e-mails are generic. Any direct contact about issues with receipts or pictures has been through the schedulers. It is hard to tell if schedulers also edit, but many of my shop ratings have come in the middle of the night and schedulers always worked normal business hours.

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