35 min rule for the "shipping" shops

I never noticed this before, but the famous shipping shops where people get rejected for being there within 35 min of opening or closing has a little oopsy in the instructions. It says to make sure that you are there at least 35 min after they open OR at least 35 min before they close. Well if they are open from 8 to 5 and you are there within 35 min of closing than you are there at least 35 min after they open. I wonder if anyone who has been rejected has pointed that out to them.

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Pretty sure they don't read it that way.

I can understand the reasoning too, the lines get longer at opening and closing and they want the report to reflect the "average" visit outside of these extra busy times.
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Using your times, it means you can't get in line before 8:35, or after 4:25. There's also the common sense clause. Although I haven't had any problems with those shops, the common sense is you know what they mean, even if it's not stated clearly and, given that schedulers do migrate from company to company, that's not something to challenge as you'd get an undesired reputation.

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