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I live in canada. Does anyone know what Mystery Shopping Company does Walmart, Subway and Tim Hortons? I would like a reply if anyone knows. My email is


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I'm not 100% sure, but I think Walmart runs their own mystery shopping...

I'm not sure about Subway or Tim Hortons though...

Have many mystery shopping companies have you applied to?

I am not sure, I do know that Walmart does have there on Mystery shopping. I just did one at Walmart but if was from a company called Certified where I had to go and do a audit. I like doing the audits or merchandising ones because you dont have to pose as a mystery shopper those interested please contact me at I have done audits at Sears, Walmart, K-mart and Verizion wireless just to name some.

They are really neat it makes you feel in charge and when you walk in to a store for an audit those employees better have there stuff togather if not you write it up. It's like your the boss for that period of time.
I started with Subway, a very easy shop, and close to home. The company was []
I did alot, I check their site often, but no jobs available. Sassie had shops too. You just have to read these forums, check them out. Wait and wait some more. Man, I wish I could get a sub shop, I really am hungry tonight! LOL!
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From a friend, Walmart I think does both. There is a company out of Plano Texas that does mystery shopping for Walmart. I forgot the name of the company. I thought she said it was I like to shop. I haven't seen her in a while. So I may have the company name wrong. Walmart also does their own. I know on []

Right now they are looking for mystery shoppers in the San Francisco Bay Area to evaluate Wal-Mart's services and programs, both in the store and on their website.
Try a company called Gfk Mystery shopping for ***, ***'s shops.

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Also try Customer First . They pay $8 fee plus $5 reimbursement.
I have a question. If I do not shop for a MS company but I know which stores they evaluate, am I violating any ICA's by sharing that information?

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