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I do a lot of shops with sassie companies. For some reason, my social security number does not always work...but this is only with sassie companies...and sometimes it does work. I have tried contacting the individual companies but they have been NO help at all. They make me feel stupid and say I am probably entering it in wrong..but I am certain I am not. I have been married for over 3 years, and even looked at my social security card to make sure everything was spelled and written correctly. This is so frustrating and I am not sure what else to do. Has anyone else had this happen? Anyone have any thoughts?

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Does your account with the MS company have your married name, and your social security card have your maiden name?

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Sounds like something weird on the SS end.

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I have had the same issue. Mostly with companies I was registered with under my maiden name prior to getting married. Some of the Sassie companies have been able to verify my new name matching with my social. Others have deactivated me because they say my name does not match my SS #. My only solution was to change my name back to my maiden name and the system re activated me. I find it amusing that the system says my SS# and name match when I know they do not. Since I use my maiden name as my middle name, I don't have any issues receiving payments under my maiden name. I gave up trying to call or email anyone to fix the problem.

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Does sassie only verify your social security number once? I ask this because I recently signed up for a new MSC and noticed that my social security number was verified right away. I'm doing a hotel shop for them next week and wanted to give them enough time to verify my number so that I could get paid right away..but I now see that it wasn't necessary.
I believe they do. You can link all your sassie accounts together and if you update one, it will update them all.

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I have always had problems with sassie not accepting updates to my profile, even when I know for certain I've done everything they asked me to do.

I just ignore it, close it out and usually, the next time I log in, the updates have taken. I emailed somebody about it a long time ago and they said it was just a random occurrence in the program.
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