Post Office Shops and Ebay

Alright give me the dirt . . .who else utilizes the post office shops to ship your ebay listings? I do! I do! I've done 4 this week. Nothing like charging your ebay customers priority mail shipping and then getting it reimbursed =)

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That's great!! I thought of something similar, but to ship a book to a textbook dealer, postage paid! The client wouldn't allow it, so I just keep sending nonsensical gifts to family all over the country! In some cases, when I'm on a route, I'm actually in another postal zone. Then I send myself a box of chocolates!! LOL
I use mine to return crap.

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I've used the Post Office shops make returns and to send things I've sold on Amazon as well. When I don't have something necessary, I send packages to family.
BBird0701 Wrote:
> I use mine to return crap.

Then how do you answer the question, "Is there anything potentially hazardous, perishable, etc.?"

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Oh I definitely do! We bought a house and are getting married and are selling a ton of stuff. It's no big deal for me to drive to the next town over to make back the shipping money plus the shipping fees on eBay. These shops aer probably my favorite for this reason alone!
Absolutely! They are great for this.

I also used to own an artistic rubber stamp business and I used these shops to ship orders to customers. If their order didn't weigh the required 18 oz I would put a little baggie with a few river rocks from the dollar store in the package to bring it up to weight. I never said a word to the customer about why I had shipped them rocks and I never once got an email from anyone asking why in the world did I send them some free rocks. The whole thing really cracked me up.

Then there was the time my scheduler emailed and asked me to take a hard to fill shop in the downtown area where parking was a nightmare. When I got to the clerk their scale showed my package to be just a smidge under the 18 oz. There was no way I was going to leave and fix the package to return and fight for a parking spot again. So I made up some excuse about forgetting something and grabbed my package and went over to the counter which was out of sight of the clerks. I rummaged around in my purse and came up with a snack size baggie of craisens. Not a prepackaged snack, just some craisens I had thrown in a baggie as an emergency snack. I debated for a moment and thought oh why the hell not. Opened the box, threw in my baggie of craisens, and got back in line. That customer never emailed to ask why I send her free craisens either.

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I had an eBay customer ask me why I included "all that financial stuff" (blue bank garbage with covers ripped off) with her purchase. I try not to do that, but hey, I needed to make the package weigh more and that was a great extra filler. Be careful though with the eBay shipping. Sometimes it would be less expensive to mail it yourself if it's going cross country, as mine frequently do. Seems everyone who buys my stuff lives on the opposite coast. Then Prioriy Mail costs a lot more than reimbursement and it's less to mail it standard mail (Parcel Post). It depends on the weight of the package and how much I've charged the buyer for postage whether it is worth it.

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