Need a shipping buddy

I often do the shops where you have to ship a box or ready post package a certain distance away. My cousin is getting tired of cans of corn and I am tired of buying more corn. I am looking for someone to ship to that can ship the stuff back and forth. The boxes you can just re-label. The ready posts have the correct weight so you just have to stuff them in a new envelope. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I think the guidelines is up to zone 4. If you do these types of shops and possibly are in the range of the allowed shipping, please drop me a note. If you aren't sure about the zone, I can go to the shipping site and punch in the address to make sure it is in the correct zone. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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You don't need to send corn. Magazines are very dense and it doesn't take many to make 18 ounces. They fit in the inexpensive redi post shipping envelopes, cheaper than the boxes. Your cousin can just throw them away if she doesn't want to read them. If you don't have magazines, you can use newspapers, old books, rocks. And, if you're not mailing from your own post office, you can mail them to yourself.

If I mail from my own post office, I mail to my sister and she just gives me the package back when she sees me. Otherwise I mail to myself and just remove their labels and reuse the package. If you put two layers of shipping tape all over the front of the box you can remove the labels and if they don't come off clean, remove one of the tape layers and then put more tape on.

Time to build a bigger bridge.

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Why not get your cousin in the postal game as well? I did so with my sister, and we mail the same packages back and forth. She makes a little money, I make a little money, we add something small to each package that we take out and keep.

Or just switch your canned food? Beans, peas, carrots?

Plan the work. Work the plan.
Can also ship magazines/books to the nursing home. The old folks like it, and it is like paying it forward. or, send some toiletries/ toys to a homeless shelter, or a women/children shelter it does not take much to get to 18 ounces.
i am in ca, e mail me privately and ill send you my address, i have an elderly friend who would love to receive anything inthe mail. i grew up in south milwaukee and worked as a reporter for the sentinel years ago.
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