kss and jobslinger

I am repeatedly applying for projects on the kss board. Each time I do, I get a message that I must get icpro status and link with jobslinger. I have done this. When I log in to jobslinger, it clearly shows kss is linked. How do I avoid this happening? As I have applied for the same 2 jobs multiple times in the past 2 days and have had them removed from my apps only to reappear as available, I am thinking this is the problem. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

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I suggest contacting KSS to ask. I have accepted many assignments for multiple companies through KSS for several years. I do not have ICPRO status. This has never prevented me from applying for and being scheduled assignments.
Must be a glitch somewhere.

I have ICPro status and they see my picture and that.

I paid for Jobslinger last year. I canceled it this year. I'm just a regular user now.
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