Post Office in December? NO WAY!

I was looking at the Presto map trying to find some shops for the next couple of days. Many of them in my area are post offices. Would YOU voluntarily go into one at this time of year> I will not. I try to stay away from long lines of crazed people carrying stacks of packages

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I'm pretty sure that these shipping shops ended this past Friday and won't be available again until early-mid January. I'm not sure why they're still showing up on PrestoMaps.
elcarev68 Wrote:
> I'm pretty sure that these shipping shops ended
> this past Friday and won't be available again
> until early-mid January. I'm not sure why they're
> still showing up on PrestoMaps.

elcarev68, that would make sense.

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. Eleanor Roosevelt
The scheduler for the post office shops told me the last day for the shops was yesterday. They will be back for 2015. I did a shop last week and stood in line for 28 minutes. Fortunately, I was sending a sunshine box to a friend who is in the hospital in another state. =)
I have a craft business and also have had some ebay sales...have been watching for some lone post office shops but to no avail for me. I have been in the post office about four days a week lately.

I wasn't able to pick up any post office shops this month. sad smiley I definitely would have since I have presents to send out!
Shop and elcarev are correct, these shops are done until 2015. I tried to schedule one for this week but was told they had to be done by the 13th. I to had presents to mail so guess I'll have to use my profits from previous shops!
I did a shop on Friday no problem, but went to mail a second package 'off the clock', and man oh man, I wish it had been the shop. It was one of those, "I wish I was on a shop" visits. You know, long line, one speed clerk, no stock. Even giving them a handicap for the lunch hour and season, it was ridiculous. I had to wait in line just to get a box, (their flat rate ones are behind the counter), then wait in line again to pay for it.
They had none at all in my area this time around, the horrendous post office I've had the misfortune to shop in the past is no longer listed and hasn't been since I was there in July. I wonder what's up with that.

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I did one on Friday that wasn't too bad. Made sure I went before lunch time and there were only 2 people in line ahead of me. Lucked out!
I took some this month. It didn't hit me it was "that time of year" until I stood in line for over 20 min with only 1 clerk working. winking smiley
I did one with a pretty good bonus last week. When I entered there were 16 ahead of me, most with packages to mail, and some with multiple packages. However, there were three clerks working and the wait wasn't too bad.

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Well, now we know. In the past, I had wondered why my rotation was so long, so I started paying more attention to schedules. I did get a gift or two out in November. We have December birthdays in the family, too. Next year, I will try to have everything ready ahead of time except for specific packaging size and be ready for assignments. Maybe I can make a route in the big city. I have never seen a post office shop in our county except for our town. I don't know why the others are not shopped. I think some of them don't have many services and aren't open as long as this one. I have the local clerks believing that I am always in a hurry since I now do only priority shops. They, of course, still ask what they are supposed to ask.
I've been watching for post office shops for 3 weeks now. There's nothing one day then there's a bunch on presto that ended 5 days earlier. Then there's nothing for a few days and again next day every nearby location with a due date of 4 days earlier. Stop toying with me
I did a couple this month...two people in line for both of them. Unfortunately one of my boxes never arrived although according to the po they delivered it on a Sunday morning? est arrival time was for monday sooo, my daughter doesn't get her Christmas gift and I get to test out whether the $50 insurance is worth the paper it is written on. I am not about to mail her a replacement gift quite yet and wait for that one to not arrive.
I went to a small post office near me. A township post office that always has room in the parking lot and never has more than one customer. There were 23 people in line, no parking spaces and one person in the lot was laying on the horn because I waited for someone to pull out to use their space.
I would if we had them here. Money is money.. I went to a post office last week to mail a care package for a friend. There was no line up. grinning smiley Some of the smaller post offices I wouldn't do though like the ones inside Shoppers Drug Mart. Those are awful, only one person and 10 people in line. Poor employee sad smiley

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