Gas Station Audits

Has anyone ever done the gas station audits that require a safety vest? There are a several in my area, but before I get my safety vest, I was wondering how involved they are to require a safety vest! What has been your experience with these? Thanks!

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Some of the MSC's require safety vests. The presence or absence of a safety vest has nothing to do with the difficulty of performing the shop or audit. For well under $10, you can go to Lowe's and Home Depot and buy a safety vest. And as a bonus, if you have a breakdown on the side of the road, you can put it on and be noticed.

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I usually wear my safety vest at gas station audits, even even when it's not required. In addition to helping me not get run over, it helps lend an air of authority when I block the line at a busy fueling area to take a quick picture of a pump. And like myst4au said, if you do a lot of traveling, it's probably a good idea to have one anyways.
I also wear a safety vest for the same reasons listed above even though my gas station audits don't require it. Several people have approached me thinking that I am a cop or a government official so the authority thing is so true. And the drug dealers seem to leave the parking lot when the yellow vest makes its appearance. The camera probably helps with that also. Makes my job easier.
I was wondering if we could use the new yellow colored vests for the required orange vest gas shops.
As long as you wear a safety vest they don't care if it's yellow or orange.

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i got a nice one at a uniform store for $40. not the mesh it is a the Lime cloth with reflective and an inner pocket and out radio pocket which hold my cell phone and camera. Each shoulder is a breakaway velcro so it willl rip off if anything happens.
These are easy, I picked this company up in January, scheduled 4 of these on the same day (which I usually don't do for new to me shops) and did fine. I just brought the book they give you along to refer to for the first two shops and was fine after that. I would recommend looking for or calling to ask about the evening eligible shops, they take no longer than daytime shops since you are rating the same things. I did a route about an hour from me and one was bonused $5 and another bonused $20 for doing them after dark.
I find that all of my night shops have taken longer because there are a couple of extra things that you do need to check at night. And if there is a violation, the photos can be a bit harder to take at night. All of my gas stations have been busy with customers after dark when people are driving home from work. It takes longer to make my purchase because there is usually a line, especially on lottery days. Sometimes I have to wait to check the restroom. And the gas pumps are always busy. My gas stations are still busy at 8 PM and later!
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