Is anyone else having trouble logging in to the shoppers corner at Sinclair. I try and try but it keeps telling me I need to log in. I enter my User ID and my Password and that is what it tells me plus try logging in again. I do and I get the same message. Actually it takes me to the Pay screen and when I try to go anywhere else is when I get the message. That screen is all I can see.

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jbliven, were you able to get logged in? If not, what browser are you using? I'm using Chrome and have no problems.
I'm using Internet Explorer. It will not let me in and I sure miss those good burritas.
Our site works best with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It doesn't work so well with Internet Explorer. I would suggest trying Chrome or Firefox. If you're still having trouble, feel free to contact me at

-Lauren, scheduler for Sinclair
I've never had a problem with Internet Explorer on Sinclair's site.

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I seem to remember having problems with Internet Explorer. About six months ago I migrated all of my mystery shopping (except Maritz...who is still stuck in the middle of the 20th century) to Google Chrome with no problems.

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