Have any of you done the entertainment shops for Bare?

There are several shops listed periodically by Bare in various parts of the country that are listed as "entertainment" shops. I am not sure whether I simply do not understand the shop expenses and reimbursements listed, or if there is a discrepancy. They require you to acknowledge that you understand what will be reimbursed whenever you submit the application for the shop, so I can't help but to think that I am not the only confused shopper. The shops are for food vendors at a place of entertainment. The explanation of the shop says it will pay the shopper fee, $X for "shop expenses," and the venue entry fee(special expense). Then, in the shop comments it says that you will be reimbursed for entry to the venue, parking, and $X-$11 for food/drink purchases. I don't understand why it has a lower number in the shop comments section, unless they are implying that parking would cost $11. The comments also say that you could be assigned multiple places to purchase the food/beverages, and the reimbursement amount that they list doesn't seem as if it would cover all of the required purchases.

Can anyone offer feedback on whether the difference between the food/beverage reimbursement amount and the "shop expenses" is the implied parking reimbursement? Also, can you offer any feedback on whether the total reimbursement covers the multiple purchases? Thanks so much.

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I would say go ahead an apply and then when they contact you about wheather you want to schedule the shop ask them those questions. Usually they get back to you quickly, but it depends on who the editor is.
I haven't done one, but my close friend did one for Bare last summer. She said it was way too much work. She was reimbursed for the entry (and they didn't pay for any guests), the food and drink from the various vendors, and parking. She said she ended up with a couple dollars of out of pocket expenses at one of the food vendors. YMMV

I don't remember how the shop expenses and reimbursements were initially laid out by Bare, but I do know what she was paid for because I had asked for details so I could decide if it was worth it.
I've done them and the reimbursement worked out fine. They've covered all the required elements. You don't get paid until the middle of the following month so be aware it is a large chunk of change to lay out in advance.
I did one as well. At the time it paid for my admission plus the food items for 3 different locations within the facility. The same place now pays for you and a child ticket as well as the reimbursement. The amount is not as good as their other food and bar type shops but it was enough and I got to go somewhere I had never been. The report was pretty standard.
I have done several of them. I got the reimbursement for my food purchases. I could have gotten parking and admittance if I submitted proof, but I chose to ride public transit and the entry cost was zero that day. I agree with wozwoman, I got to visit a place that I might not have normally gone. The food was actually good and the report wasn't too bad. Why not try it once and go from there?
I have done a few.... have one scheduled for tomorrow... it's a place my family has a membership so I have free entrance and free parking. I just sent the scheduler an email asking if I don't submit receipts for entrance or parking if I can spend the entire reimbursement amount on food........ if the answer is no ok and if it is yes then GREAT..... this is a way for me to say yes to the overpriced snack carts that my kids always want something from.....
The reports are not bad at all.

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Thanks so much for all of the feedback. I haven't seen the ones near me advertise that they would pay for both an adult and child ticket. Maybe that is only for certain venues?

Sybil2, it is family-oriented entertainment. I didn't want to post too much about the shops. I figured the people who had done the shop would be familiar with it. I did have to change my original post when I started with the title "Have any of you done the Bare entertainment shops?" I thought that might be confusing in a bad way. Haha.
@Jennniferml wrote:

I've done them and the reimbursement worked out fine. They've covered all the required elements. You don't get paid until the middle of the following month so be aware it is a large chunk of change to lay out in advance.

Yeah, that's been my experience, too. I think I indulge just a smidge on mine and end up a couple of dollars over on food, but I am in the black over all. The cool thing is that I usually am scheduled for the mid-week, so I only have to shop whichever two kiosks are open rather than the four they ask for. Makes for a nice lunch when I can swing it. I must have been doing them late in the month, because my wait felt longer than normal for the check this time--it's coming this week.
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