Cheesecake Factory and Grand Luxe Cafe gift cards have been mailed out

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That's great news!
Glad everyone got their cards.

I hope that somebody that actually pays a fee picks up these clients.
They must have deleted it after I posted this morning. I'm curious if we are going to get Disney payments . ..
Hope you get that card, Chix. I don't like these type of shops. I'm a "show me the money" type of shopper.
I got mine from February too. I hope that means that they will be honoring their March payments.
@res820 wrote:

Interesting no one named the company in question.

If the company in question were named in this thread, it would be a violation of the ICA shoppers signed with the MSC. It would also be in violation of the forum's rules. Our moderator would edit the post to remove the name.
I sent an email directly to the company when I heard that the MS company was out of business and I got a response today that said that the MS mailed out the gift card out on 4/2. So I should get it next week. I am glad that they are making good on the card.

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It sounds like people were getting their cards. I only saw one post where a person said they did not have a PIN to use or activate a card, but everyone else sounded like they were being made whole.
The company told me that mine was mailed on 4/2. and I did the shop 3/24. I will have a final fling at Grand Lux
I did a Grand Lux on March 17. Got my gift card in the mail today. Still sorry to see this company go...
I did the shop on March 15th and got my gc today.

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I sure hope someone else picks up the client. Maybe even someone who will pay actual cash for the reimbursement, although I didn't mind the GC! One of my favorite places!
I still have Grand Luxe gift cards that I can't use here in California because the location in Los Angeles closed down.

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You can probably sell the Grand Luxe gift cards on eBay. You will probably not get full face value, but even 80% would be better than nothing. I buy gift cards on eBay (very easy after Christmas) and occasionally sell ones which I get and don't want.
@ntony9 wrote:

I still have Grand Luxe gift cards that I can't use here in California because the location in Los Angeles closed down.

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@Shoptilyoudrop wrote:

I got my gift card today from my March 23rd shop.

Did you get a card for Disney shop as well?
I did a Cheesecake Factory shop years ago and had to chase my cash payment. Shortly after, they switched to paying with gift cards. If they went belly up, I say good riddance. The fact that they couldn't pay with cash, but only gift cards, speaks volumes about their ability to manage cash and run a business. The fact that I had to chase a payment also makes me biased, I know. But I refuse to work for gift cards and find it insulting that MS Companies think it's acceptable. So again, good riddance!
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