Sending Feces through the mail

I can just see it now USPS Scenario G take @#$%& in special box package box and ask the employee if medical feces counts as hazardous material. Here is the link to the article

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Jeez. At first I though "well this is a good idea. Colonoscopies suck! May as well minimize the frequency."
Then I started to wonder about having to actually take the sample. Gross. Though is it any worse than when I need a sample from my dog?

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Yes. Plus you don't take it to the Post Office and hand it to an unsuspecting clerk. smiling smiley


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
I wouldn't take a shop like that. It would probably be crappy pay.

There are two types of people in this world: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
I can just imagine the Cettie adventure connected to that shop.......poop in a box? I think I'd better pass on this one.

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This is nothing new at all - well this type of way they test might be but stool sample tests have been around for years and years and were part of the regular health scene before colonoscopies became "the" test. Many companies and doctor offices sent the test kits homes with employees/patients and then the the consumer sends it back into the testing company. The kits come with their own box to send the sample back in and a test tube. A very small sample is actually sent back. Ok I have said enough.

Liz beat me to it. I have one of those test kits on my bathroom counter right now. My doctor gave it to me last week. No different than what you'd do to have your dog tested for worms. Other doctors have sent me home with those kits before. (I think they're all in a drawer somewhere..... Nope, I've never actually done one.)

Not going to go into any more details than Liz did.

Mine came with a mailer but my doctor said to just bring it into their lab.

If I ever use it.

Would be amusing to mail it back on a mystery shop though.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
Done these home tests before but dropped them off at the lab, didn't mail them. Pretty normal part of health care really.
Yep. I got an out of state test kit from a specialist for my daughter who is autistic. The poo goes in a screw cap jar and then gets put in a plastic bag. There was a preservative in the jar to prevent bacterial growth and subsequent fermentative explosions and leakage. We had one for urine too, but she wouldn't sit on the "hats" so my son wound up making pet hideaways out of them.

Where are we going... and why are we in a hand basket?
Ewwww! tongue sticking out smiley What if the box breaks open? What if the clerk wanted to OPEN the stinky box, to inspect the contents? tongue sticking out smiley
It's not like you're putting in a quart of the stuff. It's more like a quarter teaspoon, if that. Sealed in a little bottle. Sealed in a ziploc bag. Then put in a mailer. Then sealed in the mailer.

Maybe a bloodhound could smell it but bloodhounds don't usually work at the post office.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
And keep in mind.... a lot of people think theirs doesn't stink anyway. LOL

Time to build a bigger bridge.
@SunnyDays2 wrote:

Ewwww! tongue sticking out smiley What if the box breaks open? What if the clerk wanted to OPEN the stinky box, to inspect the contents? tongue sticking out smiley

It came with a tiny spoon, no more than 1/16th tsp, and that went in the 100 ml screw cap with 50 ml of fixative, then in bag labeled biohazard, then in box labeled medical samples. It was to test her intestinal flora for issues.

Any postal worker who opens a medical box and THEN the biohazard bag is an idiot.

Frankly the ick factor was worse when I came across a free sample of geniune Yeti poop. (I think I saved a screenshot, actually). Then when you think of all the used panties that get mailed to the fetish seeking with far less revealing labeling.

Where are we going... and why are we in a hand basket?
@MelanieOR wrote:

I sent pee to that wacked out political guy, and felt like...well, you know.


I've read some of his other stuff. Actually he may be far out from mainstream, but closer to the truth than a lot of us may think. Although his generalization that homeopathy applies to radioactive waste is extremely misguided (and the topic of this article). Some things don't apply in our time frame. In theory yes, but it takes eons over the time span of a species' development to acclimate to even minute increases in radioactivity. So, nothing will come of it that can be of benefit in our life spans. But I digress... (I'm good for that, sorry).

Where are we going... and why are we in a hand basket?
@Traveliz wrote:

This is nothing new at all

I remember those early test.

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* i actually worked for a co decades ago that make those fecal occult tests.. eww is right, BUT..............
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