Scheduler Problem?

So for no drama I will not mention the store or the MSC. I have been shopping for many years and have completed over 400 shops for one particular company amongst others. I have never really had problems beyond a few requests for clarifications. This year I have had some rough times, legit emergencies. On two occasions, once in January and once this month, I had several stores scheduled and had to email my scheduler on the day I was supposed to do to let her know I was at the ER instead. I offered to provide proof because it was true and I am sure they hear excuses all the time.

I received a fairly quick email response saying I could not be rescheduled for the next day and that I needed to make these requests ahead of time. Well, if it was not an ER visit I would gladly have asked ahead of time. Well, when I send a request a day ahead because I have notice on a schedule conflict, nothing from the scheduler. Is this the norm? I felt chastised because I had an emergency but ignored when I do as I was told to do on both of those occassions.

This is not a rant, just a request for advice. Should I just let this go? I feel that the scheduler might need some guidance on looking at some things case by case rather than just blanketing everyone as giving excuses. Also, when asking for notice, should they not actually respond?

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@MIshopper013 wrote:

This is not a rant, just a request for advice. Should I just let this go?

My vote is yes, let it go.
My advice is to let it go. I am currently really ticked off with one of the major MSCs. Every time I see a related discussion, I write a long Reply. Then I go away for 10 minutes, and so far I have deleted what I wrote. I figure it will take me another week of so, and I won't bother to even write the Reply at all. Actually, maybe this will suffice as my rant. Time to move on.

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Mlshopper013, I am sorry that you had those experiences and hope you are feeling better now. sad smiley I think some of the schedulers have basic form letters that they send out in response to certain questions or keywords. Happened to me when I asked a question about a change in a shop I commonly do. The scheduler's response had the answer to my question in it, but also a bunch of completely unrelated stuff, including a warning not to do something that I have never done/would not have done, anyway, and was the kind of thing that was so incredibly stupid I was slightly offended that the scheduler's e-mail implied I might do it.

I think a lot of the schedulers just typically scan e-mails for keywords and send form letters in response. Based on some of the wording right before the form-letter looking part started, it's even possible that this scheduler might have responded to my e-mail in a certain way when they meant to respond that way to someone else's. Unfortunately, in many situations, things like this can make them appear rude and/or lazy. (They may also have been preoccupied with something else, however.) If you want to stay in good with the company, though, it's probably best to just let it go. You could also try sending an anonymous complaint to management, but depending on what you tell them, they might be able to identify you, anyway.

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