Re: Multiple Shipping Shops In One Day

Greetings, experienced shipper/shoppers!

I have not performed any shipping shops (yet).

The notes in the e-mails say that we are to wait 35 minutes between shops, and this seems to mean thirty five minutes between exiting one postal station and entering another one.

What if we are in towns with only one post office? Can we do only ship/shop per day? Or, can we leave after one shop and return to the same location 35 minutes later to ship another box?

Thanks in advance for information. This information can help me plan future shipping shops for the small places I pass through in my little journeys.

: - )

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Are you talking about USPS shops? I do routes of them, small towns with only one post office. I do not think you can leave after one shop and return to the same location. Leave one, drive to the next. That generally takes at least 35 minutes. If not, plan an Arches or convenience store in between. I recommend using google maps to plan your route.
You can do two assignments per day, but they're different kinds (different scenarios) and they have to be two hours apart. It says something like, if you are performing another scenario at the same retail location, you perform the second assignment on the same day, but at least 2 hours apart and during different parts of the day. (i.e. morning, lunch, and afternoon.)

I read your question a little differently than your other responders . . . There are different scenarios for this shop. In my area if I do one scenario at a particular post office, I won't even see further shops for that location on their job board for at least a month, regardless of scenario. The shops do get picked up pretty quickly in my area so that could be the reason or rotation could be the reason. If you are the only shopper in your town you might be able to visit more than once a month using different scenarios, but I have never seen that possibility.
I assume you mean do one C and one B or A etc. at the same location, not two of the exact same scenario. In this case I go with eodermatt's answer. You need to wait 2 hours between jobs at the same exact location on the same day. Two C shops? in one day at same place??? if it exists I would ask the scheduler. Perhaps they have that in places hard to fill with a leftover shop from last rotation and a new one for this month at the same time.
Details, Details, indeed.

Yes, there is the 35 minute rule between shops. It is measured from the time stamp on the receipt of the first post office to the entry of the next one. There are also restrictions in that you have to enter 35 minutes after opening and 35 minutes before closing. If that location closes for lunch then the lunch break counts as opening and closing times for this rule.

As for doing more than one in a day, yes you can. The limit is four per day and 20 per week. Just observe the 35 minute rule in all it's permutations.

As for doing more than one in a day at the same post office, you may do a "C" and either an "A" or "B" shop at the same post office in the same day. However, there needs to be a two hour difference between them. I also seem to remember they need to be in different segments of the day. Have a look at the instructions for that detail.

Have fun!

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@SoCalMama wrote:

I agree with everything vlade5394 posted, but add "D" to the "A" or "B" shop too.[/quBote]

"D"shops can be added, but a complete understanding requires yet more details. There are also, "D," "E," and "F" shops. They are performed identically to "A," "B," and "C" shops respectively. The difference is how they are assigned. They are randomly assigned in addition to the regularly scheduled shops. Because shoppers might care more about how to do them rather than how they are assigned, I prefer to think there are only three types of shops.

Happily shopping Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut
Do to the 35 minute rule 4 is hard but doable.
Perfect scenario
most po's open 8am-5pm so now that becomes 8:35 to 4:25 35 minute opening and closing rule allowing 10 minutes for the shop and none close for lunch 1st 8:35 2nd 9:20 3rd 10:05 4th 10:50 am 5th 11:35 am 6th 12:20 pm 7th 1:05 pm 8th 1:50 pm 9th 2:35 pm 10th 3:20 pm 11th 4:05 pm. so perfect scenario would be 11 in a day if you could get there to enter exactly 35 minutes from register stamp.

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You're only allowed 4 per day. Based on your scenario, 7 would be disallowed, and you would be out all the $$ you spent on them.
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