Question About Scheduler

Good morning

I got an mass e-mail from one scheduler on Monday saying there was a shop in my area. Then on Wednesday, I got the same e-mail but it was from another scheduler.

I know sometimes schedulers go out of town or things come up at the last minute and they have to give it to some one else.

I am wondering is this an common practice? I am not doing the shop because I have
all ready done the shop last month and I am not eligable for 60 days?


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If your rotation period is not up, it is your responsibility to not apply for that shop location again. The schedulers will blast out shops that you can't do yet. They have not made automated job filtering for the emails except for one company that has custom software. That would be MarketForce. The daily email is accurate to the mileage and your true availability to do the job. As much as people complain about them, I wish other companies could use the web software they have developed.
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