Has Bare Intl. changed their webpage format....

or am I just seeing something weirdly?

This morning it was the regular way and now it is different. Just checking.....

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Oh yeah, they changed it and that has just happened because last night I was doing the 'rounds' and it was "normal."
This is the reason I logged in the forum smiling smiley It looks so funny that I thought it could just be a temporary formatting issue or something.
@ cpburt: I can always count on you to make me smile. smiling smiley


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I hate it. They need to make ME happy. I do a lot for them. Kidding, sort of, not really. That format is giving me a headache.
I'm not fond of the new format either but I am so familiar with the old one that it makes change difficult.
All they did was change the style sheet and make the fonts and boxes look different.
Everything is still in the same place.
Yes its different and I am an old dog so new tricks don't go well with me. But I am sure if we blast them with emails they will switch back.

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I'm not a fan of the new look either. It threw me for a loop.

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I bet if Jacob switched back to the old style on this forum, the same people above would be complaining about that too. winking smiley
I went to check out the website and I could even login. The website would not load for me. That was about an hour ago. I'll try later. I'm curious.
I don't really like i think change sometimes does not come easy, but this too will become familiar and then change.
I like it, it is easier to read. Coming from a technology background I always had a issue with the structure of the sassie reports as well. Hard to read, initial guidelines are all smashed in a little box to the left, the reports are not dynamic, instructions are all over the place sometimes. It could be so much simpler.

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Yes, my only issue is that I hate change. But technology marches on. I now cannot imagine wanting to go do a mystery shop. making notes on a napkin, spending all day in the field and then coming home to 8 hours at my desktop working on reports. Change is good. I go pick up a meal or mail a package and the report is done on my iPad before my next stop many times. If they want me to see the report in a different style I will adjust as long as I see my check on or about he 20th of the month. I will adjust. I will adjust. I will adjust and I will get paid for around 40 shops by my favorite company. I will adjust. lol

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Yes, I have done several reports on the new design. It has made it more difficult to follow where the questions are to be answered and is more difficult to read.
I could be less fond of the format when working on my computer, though I noticed on the phone that it keeps a lot more information in view at once, so there is that.
I am wondering if they are not making it more mobile friendly like Fastjack suggests.....

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I was not happy when I first noticed the new format and now that I've submitted a shop, I'm even less satisfied. The page doesn't fit the screen like it used to (on laptop, not mobile), so I had to keep scrolling to read the full questions. It's not horrible, but not ideal either.
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