Scheduler Wants Me To Re-Shop a Location...Need Advice

I've received an e-mail from a scheduler who wants me to shop a location I shopped x amount of time ago. As far as the contract is worded, I am not eligible for this shop based on the amount of time since I last shopped the location, but I don't know if the client has given their blessing on making an exception in order to get this shop completed. This is the same scheduler who gave me the previous assignment, so he knows (or should know) what he is asking me to do. What would you guys do in this situation? I am planning to get Gold Certified and don't know if this is the kind of thing which could come back to haunt me. How does the MSPA look at this kind of thing?

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It happens sometimes, when schedulers are in a bind. They reach out to you because you have done the location well in the past and are making an exception, most likely to get the job completed. If it's a shop you enjoy doing, take it!

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I am not sure I understand your concern. Schedulers are hired by the MSP in charge of the shop. Schedulers can and do often override rotation rules. Sometimes you make a call to send in a shopper before the full rotation period depending on how often that shopper has gone to the location and other factors. I would think it should be fine if they gave you the go-ahead to shop the location again.
Julie, my concerns are

1) whether or not the scheduler has the authority under the MSC's contract with that particular client to make that particular exception


2) what the MSPA's official guidelines on this issue are, if any

I don't want to pay for Gold Certification and then have it revoked.
MSPA has nothing to do with a scheduler overriding a rotation, Ocean Girl. The MSPA is merely an organization with hand outstretched with palm pointed upward. Grease that palm with greenbacks and you'll be just fine.
It's a common practice. I am not an MSC owner and have not been behind the scenes, so this is my speculation. I am sure the MSC has a little flexibility on breaking the shopper rotation requirements with their clients, but only turn to this, if needed.

The only concern you should have is if it's a shop where the associate would recognize you and create bias that would affect the report. So it'll depend on your situation. Sometimes being recognized doesn't necessarily jeopardize your project.. A good example where it can affect the outcome is a bar / restaurant that focuses on whether the shopper's ID'd or not. The shopper tries to 'blend' in the crowd; however, if you return to the location and the same server takes your order. Even though he doesn't recognize you as a shopper, he may recall checking your ID already and state that 'they remember you.'

Anyways, this kind of situation is a scheduler / shopper relationship building type of thing. You help them out and perform well, they'll make exceptions, give bonuses, etc. This is one of the types of perks that happens when you build your relationship with an MSC / scheduler. If it concerns you, just throw on a reminder that you're OK to accept, but will require a shopper rotation exception since you performed it 'recently.'

Hope that helps relieve your concerns a little!

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Hey OG, It's awesome you are thinking about possible consequences, but it is not that unusual for schedulers to wave rotations near the end of the month, happened to me many times. I would take it as a compliment that they contacted you to help them out. I hope they offered you a bonus, and if not, you should have asked for one (say you're busy, but may be able to fit it in). At any rate, if the scheduler contacts you, and you point out the conflict, and then they continue to offer the shop, you're good to go. If you have any problems, let us know. The power of the forum against a scheduler doing you wrong will out them enough. Also, I would not worry about the MSPA certification. You passed the test, you're certified. Go get that big bonus!

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I've had a scheduler ask me to go back the next week at the same location. I did it no problem. Go for it.

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Yes, rotations are set to be broken I've decided over the years. I never mention the rotation if they ask me, they know. If it is a shop I like, and I'm outside of the rotation, I say, "Dear scheduler. I know I've not yet reached the rotation, but I am available for this shop if you can waive the rotation requirements." Way more often than not they do. Getting the shop done is usually more important than the rotation.
As others have said, it is common for rotations to be waived. This week I sent a couple of e-mails letting schedulers know I was available but couldn't select jobs off the job board due to rotation. They assigned me the jobs. If the client is adamant about rotation the scheduler won't do it.
If you are super concerned about it, just point out to the scheduler that you recently did the location, but you are happy to help out again.
When I am a few days short of meeting rotation for a shop that I want to do (85 days instead of 90 for instance), I will ask the scheduler. Often, they break rotation. Sometimes they contact me first, and just to be sure, i mention when I was last there in my reply email.

MSPA is a trade group. The MSCs pay to belong. IMHO, MSPA enforces nothing as long as the MSCs pay their membership dues. They Certify shoppers when they get paid to do so. The one thing that I am certain of from reading messages here over the years is that MSPS has no interest in tracking down bankrupt company owners or helping shoppers get paid or intervening with a company on behalf of a shopper (I am sure that someone will cite an exception).

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I thought a re-shop is when something did not go right with your first shop, such as location closed, didn't shop the target, ordered the wrong food items, etc. and the scheduler gives you a second chance to fix the situation. If I am wrong, what is a re-shop?
I agree with Sybil. That is what I thought was being discussed based upon the title, but the question was different. As far as a know, a re-shop describes going back somewhere VERY soon after the initial shop because something went wrong. It basically gives you a second chance to get it right, rather than have the shop rejected. I had that happen most recently with the yellow sandwich shop where a situation, arose which was in an obscure part of the guidelines. At least it was obscure to me, but it did happen due to a lack of ingredients due to power outages and I handled it incorrectly because I had never had that happen, didn't think it would ever happen, and hadn't reviewed that "obscure" section of the guidelines. I got it right on the second try. smiling smiley Some shops can be re-shopped, others have scenarios where it would not make any sense. I can go back and buy a sandwich again. I can't go back and start over with the same financial services rep at the same bank branch.

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I too only know "Re-shop" as a corrective visit that allows us a second chance to get the report accepted. I did it once when I asked the wrong question of an associate. I was so glad that he wasn't there the next day.

Is there an existing term for shopping before rotation is complete? I would like to be able to use it if there is. Many a time I have seen a scheduler sending urgent pleas for the place I did last round. But, the rotation requirements exclude me.

Oceangirl, I wouldn't worry about whether the Scheduler has any authority limitaitons in this instance. We have way too many things to keep track of as it is. Let's not take on the burden of watching out for an MSC's contractual obligations. A lot of them have legal departments for that.

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The bottom line here is that whatever contract the MSC has with the client is none of your concern. If the scheduler asks you to visit a location you've visited before, then feel free to take the job. You were offered a job and you took it. You would have quite the argument if they decided that THEY screwed up and don't want to pay you. I've never seen that happen before and it very likely won't.

As for Gold Cert.-- You might want to do a little more reading up on whether or not people find it worth the $$.

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Rest easy. You are overthinking this.

@OceanGirl wrote:

Julie, my concerns are

1) whether or not the scheduler has the authority under the MSC's contract with that particular client to make that particular exception


2) what the MSPA's official guidelines on this issue are, if any

I don't want to pay for Gold Certification and then have it revoked.
Yes. I do bank shops with personal bankers even though I have an account at the bank. The guidelines say "non-account holders". But the scheduler allows me to do them at the end of the month when they are stuck with them. I got to inquire about savings accounts for grandchildren last week. Three different branches for $40 each. Works for me.

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Did you do the original shop, or did another shopper? Regardless, if a scheduler wants to assign it, the only qualms I would have is if I were worried about being made as the shopper. Schedulers waive rotations all the time.
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