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Hi all, I'm looking to mail a package and am hoping someone can throw me a bone and PM me the name of a MSC that may have one of these shops available. Bare used to have these types of shops in my area, but I haven't seen any on their website in a couple months now. (I don't believe this violates our ICA since no client name was/will be mentioned, but if so, moderator please just delete!)

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you might check on job slinger.

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If you aren't seeing them from the MSC which you named, I don't know why. They are most certainly still doing them. The scenarios tend to rotate from month to month. In July, there were a lot of Scenario B shops in my area, as well as some Scenario A, but only left-over Scenario C.

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In my state the leftover C shops have been hanging around for a couple of months. I guess these are 10 foot pole locations since no one seems to take them week after week after week. Please do them California so we can get back to the fresh list of all locations. I have done the ones close enough to me.
Perhaps in your state there are no leftovers. A and B shops seem to be listed but I am not sure if they are new shops.
Yep, they are still with the same MSC you mentioned. I'm just guessing based on your username (if I'm reading it correctly), but are you from Florida? If so, I am seeing them on the Job Board throughout the state.

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Thanks for the help. I expanded the search area and can see them in my state, just not within 25 miles of where I live. Hopefully they'll post new locations soon.
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