Can we start a new favorite scheduler thread?

My favorites are Sally Craig and Shirley McLemore.

I love getting the jobs done for both of these phenomenal women.

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Sally is great indeed. I also like Nikki Atkins and Kari Rudolph. I have a few others that I really like to and I would do anything in a heartbeat for them. I guess it is hard for me to just have one or two. I have about 150 MSC so, that makes it a struggle for me to narrow it down.


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I'll add Jimmy Rivers at ICCDS or Northfork Research

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All of the Maritz schedulers!! They are always so nice and helpful.
Matt Dumas at Alta 360 is always responsive and nice too.
Some of the schedulers you mention at these companies are not my schedulers. So sad. I would love to know these great people!


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Anyone at A Closer Look! They are all awesome!
Edited to add the National Shopping Service. With the exception of one guy I think they booted, these schedulers are always awesome when it comes to rescheduling and offering me bonuses. Love them all!

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A contest to this effect took place here in the recent past. As I recall, the results were skewed by some "inadvertent" politicking by schedulers, "possibly" from a particular scheduling company. I like this venue better. I choose Carol from Jancyn.

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Schedulers from NSS are great! I've also never had a TrendSource scheduler that wasn't really nice to me.
Because GFK is getting trashed so hard I'll mention Nicole is great to work with and very quick to respond. As it is GFK and due to previous comments I'll mention Christy with GFK is the exact opposite of Nicole. If there were a mechanism to block her shops I would. I'm not sure if she even exists or is just a program that only sends random offers....
The 3 that have stood out to me so far are Zyna Pen(ath power), Jennifer Lentz(second to none), and Holly Warren(Creative image associates). I've dealt with a few nice ladies at maritz too, Kari being one name I can remember.

Christy E. doesn't work full time. If she is out, her 'out of office' message lists two others as back-up. I have never had a problem with her or anyone else at GfK.
@teriraia wrote:

Dawn at New Image and Dixie at Shoppers Critique - they are both dolls!

All schedulers from Shopper's Critique are super helpful!
I've worked with quite a few good schedulers, but a few have stood out to me personally. Donna and Jerry from CSE have been great! Also Tanya from BARE is a true pleasure.

Honestly haven't met a bad one yet, but have come across some that weren't very responsive and even some who never returned emails...

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I have to add Nikki from RBG. She is very understanding and a real blessing to deal with, too!


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Kimberly Holfbauer at Coyle has been nothing but great whenever I deal with her. She's given me some primo assignments whenever I ask and is more than happy to give me great things in advance if I let her know- I've eaten at some of the best restaurants in New York because I told her my girlfriend's birthday or mother's day was coming up.
I dislike Robin sending blanket e-mails even when her big deal offering has nothing in my state. I don't even open her e-mails any more. Delete is a wonderful thing.
Whatever works for you may or may not work for me - isn't that what makes MS'g such a great job!?!
Whatever works for you may or may not be what works for me - isn't that what makes MS'g such a great job!?!
If you ever do get the opportunity to work with Robin she is really great. Even though they have shops in my area, the shops are types I don't do so now her emails get deleted. Bummer since she gets it and can be helpful. In all honesty, though the contact has not been frequent, I've found the non-video RBG schedulers to be some of the most fun and professional.

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A long time favorite for me is Vicky Garcia at Harland Clarke. I wish she still had lots in my area that needed doing. ACL turns over schedulers from time to time but I have never dealt with a 'dud'. They pretty much schedule a particular client and Kim, who handles a favorite client of mine, is great.
I like all of the HC schedulers.

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She has really worked with me in the past. In return, I have occasionally taken a shop that she has difficulty filling with little or no bonus.
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