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Rebecca Reiter - Alta360

She has always been available when I've needed her and been understanding when personal disasters cropped up and I needed a reschedule.

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Sally A. Craig, I believe the shops are KSS, but I work with her through RBG.
Phenomenal, is my assessment.

She answers the phone, she returns emails and she has helped me with my narratives. I always try to help her at the end of the month, because she does her best to try and help me at the beginning of the month.

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Robert Young. Maritz CX. Simply the best.

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Josh Francy at Mintel. (Really, ANYONE at Mintel.) He is quick to respond, bends over backwards to help his shoppers, and remembers when he owes you a favor.
Lisa Denton, who identifies herself as "Scheduler on Behalf of Informa Research Services". She is very genuine, responds in a timely manner and is very patient. (smile)


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
Ruby Gill at Shoppers Confidential--she answers emails promptly and is very patient with my questions. She also has looked into a couple of situations on their site that were confusing to me (and possibly others).
Randy Blizzard at Shoppers Confidential--he answers emails promptly and reassures me when I am uncertain about something. One time he called me to discuss and resolve an error in an address for an assignment, rather than trying to take care of it via email.
Amy Shaffer, TrendSource

Always willing to work with me on scheduling and putting up with my occasional goofs with the telephone shops.
Dan O'Neill at Alta 360--Dan immediately determines whether or not he is assigning a requested shop. Dan also possesses excellent follow up skills.
Sonja DeMarco at KSS. Always willing to accommodate my scheduling goofs and worked to get me an immediate answer on a shop that I was in the middle of performing and the location did not match the guidelines.
Shirley of team 1 at MaritzCX.
She is always pleasant when she calls and has always been willing to reschedule if something comes up or meet my bonus amount if the store is too far.

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zpen from Ath Power
Jackie KSS
Paula Customer Perspectives
Julie Customer Service Experts
Megan Customer Service Experts
I'll nominate Joel F. from Shoppers' View, too.

His open shop emails are either really loved or really hated, but he is always available when I have a shop that turns out "weird." He was even available once to help me over the phone when sending an email just wasn't going to cut it.
Holly Warren from CIA, Creative Image Associates.

She is always there with assignments or understanding when something does not go quite according to plan.

Happily shopping Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut
Michelle Montpetite at Ardent

She is extremely responsive, answering at night and on weekends as well as 'normal' business hours. You can also see the smile in her writings.

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Happily shopping Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut

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John Rodriguez at Bare

He is responsive and professional in spades.

Happily shopping Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut
Barbry Booth @ Customer Impact. I don't get assigned many jobs due to rotation and competition but she's so nice and responsive.
Brian Yates from Summit Scheduling. Just had my first encounter with him and it was very positive!
Paula At Customer Perspectives.- She is always helpful and understanding when I have had any issue with a shop. She is delightful to talk with,
I do agree Madetoshop Barbry Booth is a pleasure and I never even ended up doing her shop but she was super helpful and friendly when I almost did.
John Trottier at ath Power Consulting is my nominee. John makes assignments quickly, is very flexible and understanding, responds to my emails faster than any other scheduler I work with, and is very fair. He's a pleasure to work with!
Sara Caddell - Formerly KSSSaraC, now working with Sentry and Feedbackplus.

I haven't worked with her much. However, she made the forum a better place by volunteering to answer questions from shoppers in a thread. She provided helpful, thoughtful, and prompt answers and reached out to shoppers in a personal way. Some time later she did it again. smiling smiley

Happily shopping Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut
Dawn at New Image Marketing. Dawn is very helpful when needed and she really seems to appreciate her shoppers.
I would like to also nominate Michael Rody at Intellishop. Michael is very easy going and if you ever need help with anything he is always quick to respond and easy to work with.
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