The 2015 Scheduler of the Year Contest: Voting

There were so many nominations this year! Clearly, there are a lot of wonderful schedulers out there.

To vote:

Please click "like" on the post containing the name of the Scheduler you would like to vote for. You are allowed to vote for more than one scheduler.

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Amy Kim - Advanced Feedback
“very easy to work with, great communicators and trusting of the shoppers they know can get the job done!”
Dan O'Neil - Alta360 Research
“He is gracious, answers questions at once, and provides advice professionally and gently.”
“Dan immediately determines whether or not he is assigning a requested shop. Dan also possesses excellent follow up skills.”
Matt Dumas – Alta360 Research
“Matt is professional and responds to emails in a thorough and timely manner. He is decisive when scheduling which allows the shopper to effectively plan.”
Rebecca Reiter - Alta360
“She has always been available when I've needed her and been understanding when personal disasters cropped up and I needed a reschedule.”
Erika Patten Miller - Amusement Advantage
“She is personable and demonstrates a team mentality when interacting with shoppers.”
Deanna Kessler - Ardent Services
“Because like all Ardent Services Personel she is always there to answer a question, --- By email, Phone or Social Media --- no matter how mundane (or down right stupid it may be.) And because she is so flexible and understanding, even when the shop does not go the way either of us thought it would. And for those last minute extensions, when life or health just gets in the way of finishing the one last shop for the month. I give a shout out to her and the rest of the Staff at Ardent Services.”
“Always helpful and their private shoppers forum is the best.”
Judy Miller – Ardent
“Responsive, friendly, personable and laughs at my jokes...
EDIT: Forgot "patient." (sigh)”
Michelle Montpetite – Ardent
“She is extremely responsive, answering at night and on weekends as well as 'normal' business hours. You can also see the smile in her writings.”
John Trottier - ath Power Consulting
“John makes assignments quickly, is very flexible and understanding, responds to my emails faster than any other scheduler I work with, and is very fair. He's a pleasure to work with!”
John Rodriguez – Bare
“He is responsive and professional in spades.”
“Fun and easy to work with, responds quickly whenever I ask anything, and has rescheduled for me no prob, a couple times when I've missed the last of a particularly time-sensitive shop in a day.”
Tara Wright - Bare International
“Of all the schedulers I've contacted on multiple occasions, she's easily the sanest and most professional. When I ask questions for clarification on assignments and such, her emails are well-written, conversational, and fully answer my question(s). I actually get the impression she put thought into my request and tailored her answer to my situational inquiry. Too many schedulers reply to my emails with responses which make me think they either suck incredibly hard at reading comprehension or just didn't bother to think about the question(s) I posed.”
Elise – BLD Scheduling Services
“Elise at BLD is great to work with - very helpful!”
Brandon Lino - Checkmate Inspections
“Besides being a genuinely nice person, he immediately responds to emails and always takes the time to say "Thank you" after the audit is completed.”
Kathy Hart - Clear Evaluations
“If you've done any work with her over the past couple of years, then no explanation is necessary”
“Kathy is well-organized and always available to review guidelines and scenarios. She is responsive to my emails and phone calls and can be easily reached.”
Holly Warren - CIA, Creative Image Associates
“She is always there with assignments or understanding when something does not go quite according to plan.”
“extremely responsive and flexible”
Barbry Booth - Customer Impact
“I don't get assigned many jobs due to rotation and competition but she's so nice and responsive.”
“Barbry Booth is a pleasure and I never even ended up doing her shop but she was super helpful and friendly when I almost did.”
Paula - Customer Perspectives
“She is always helpful and understanding when I have had any issue with a shop. She is delightful to talk with.”
Matt Messana - GCS Field Research
“Very nice man; enjoy his sense of humor; he's super helpful and responds to emails very quickly.”
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