The 2015 Scheduler of the Year Contest: Voting

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Dawn - New Image Marketing
“Great sense of humor and always gets back in a timely manner!”
“Dawn is very helpful when needed and she really seems to appreciate her shoppers.”
“She doesn't mess around and gets the job done - whatever it takes. Her warm, pleasant personality is just the icing on that cake.”
“I rarely speak with her anymore, but she is terrific and highly responsive.”
Chris Grattan – Peformalogics
“Great sense of humor and always prompt to respond to questions.”
Rachel Kalman – Reflections MS
“I have asked her when does she sleep. She responds each and every time in record breaking speeds all the time. She accepts a 'cancel' with a grain of salt and masks her frustration, especially on those 2:00am -4:00am 24 hour diner shops in Timbuktu.”
Paula – Ridgway
“I've loved working with her on some special shops! Very supportive and helpful and gets right back to me about questions.”
Jennifer Lentz - Second to None
“She is professional and an excellent scheduler due to her prompt responses and attention to detail.”
Michelle Ferry - Second to None
“Had a recent car issue that put me down for the day and she understood and rescheduled two shops for me. Which I appreciated because I'm going to need that money to pay for the repairs.”
Randy Blizzard - Shoppers Confidential
“He answers emails promptly and reassures me when I am uncertain about something. One time he called me to discuss and resolve an error in an address for an assignment, rather than trying to take care of it via email.”
Ruby Gill - Shoppers Confidential
“She answers emails promptly and is very patient with my questions. She also has looked into a couple of situations on their site that were confusing to me (and possibly others).”
Dixie Gilmore- Shoppers Critique
“Always a joy to speak with in person and responds to emails quickly. Recently contacted her for shops in new area for me and she was able to send some work my way. Thanks Dixie!”
Joel F. - Shoppers' View
“His open shop emails are either really loved or really hated, but he is always available when I have a shop that turns out "weird." He was even available once to help me over the phone when sending an email just wasn't going to cut it.”
“He is always available to speak to when I have an issue with one of my telephone shops.”
Brian Yates - Summit Scheduling
“Just had my first encounter with him and it was very positive!”
Nikki Atkins - Summit Scheduling (for JMRidgeway, Measure Consumer Perspectives)
“She is always available, is lightning fast at responding to emails, and very pleasant to work with. She respects her shoppers and is receptive to their needs while getting her shops filled rapidly. I'll sign up for any company she schedules for because I always feel at ease working with a scheduler I can TRUST. That's a biggie for me.”
Amy Shaffer – TrendSource
“Always willing to work with me on scheduling and putting up with my occasional goofs with the telephone shops.”

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Shannon Moland – Trendsource
“I can reach her by phone and she is always able to answer my questions.”
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