Shoe shop schedulers

Just a comment to all the shoe shop companies... All pay from $6-12 or so depending on purchase and return. They all say quick.... Nope sorry but when you must try on shoes and ask for at least a second pair to compare it is not quick.....

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I wholly agree with the members who posted ahead of me. Have yet to see a fee that makes it worth the time.
Purchase and return shoe stores aren't quick, but I'll occasionally take one if I have an errand to do in the neighborhood, or if it's in a mall where I can walk between the two portions.

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I tried one once at the old fee ($18) and decided that that fee was too low for the amount of work involved to try another one at that price. Plus, I did not like that the money was debited from my bank account right away, but the refund took 3-4 days to process, so I had to have a few hundred "extra" set aside in my account for the shop. I would do it again for a higher fee, but not at the fee they were offering.

Then, they lowered the fee to $14.50. I watched it sit awhile and noticed that they've now bonused it another $1.50... making the fee $2 lower than "too low." I'm glad to know that no one (at least in my area) bit at the $14 fee. Maybe it'll come back to something a little more reasonable for the dual interactions and days of "bank watching."
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