Plenti card gas station audits

Does anyone use the Plenti card while doing gas station audits? If so, how was your experience.

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If the Retail employee does not mention the Plenticard or Welcome kit, we can not used it. But you can go on the internet to get the creditsmiling smiley
I use it every time at the pump and in the store if they ask (never have had anyone ask) or not. Never had anyone at the MSC question it.
If you used it before they ask about your involvement with it , it will serve them no importance to ask you. You already know about it. The Plenticard is for the consumer benefit, But it would be nice if the stores that are promoting it try to get more consumers in it.smiling smiley
Between Exxon, AT&T and QVC, I may never have to buy gas again with all the points I rack up every month. I love it!!
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