Mystery Shopper/Scheduler resume

Does anyone have tips on how to write a resume for a Mystery Shopper scheduler? I am a professional social worker. I have a resume for my professional work but not for mystery shopping. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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Take your normal social worker resume. Bring it up to date with "Independent Contractor - Mystery Shopper" with the dates you have been shopping (5/6/2015-present). I don't know what format you use for your regular resume, but I have a little blurb specifically about what I was doing, so for example 'Performed over 300 shops for 9 different companies including bank, restaurant, telephone, hotel, automotive and cell phone shops. Reported on the three major platforms and proprietary platforms.' I would then edit down the blurbs on other former positions leaving mostly skills that would be relevant to computer skills, phone skills and scheduling. A social work background would normally include people skills that would be needed to be a scheduler, availability and responsiveness to clients (shoppers and MSPs), non-judgmental and calm in crisis.
Let me suggest you go to the New Mystery Shopper section of the forum. The first dozen or so threads are about getting started, getting organized and running your business.
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