Angry email from scheduler for shop completed today over receipt problem before I started with compay

I know that title makes no sense, but I did a shop today and just got an angry email from the scheduler (strangely not the scheduler I've worked with for these shops and she isn't listed on the contact info for them). She sent back my report telling me she's emailed me on the 5th and 6th about a problem with it and demanding to know why the receipt is now dated today. She refers to a receipt in October, but I didn't start shopping with this company till November.
Has this ever happened to anyone before?

I was wrong it was from a verifier, which explains why it wasn't from the scheduler I have been talking to for all the other shops.

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Did you reply to her referring to the date when you did the shop and that the issue she mentioned did not involve you since you had not even signed up with them? No, it has never happened to me but if it did, I would definitely have cleared things up and if nothing was resolved, I would not continue working for that MSC. Based on what you said, they are disorganized and unprofessional.
I assumed the email was for someone else, but a similar statement is on the comment section of the report sent back also. I did write the verifier noting the issues but wow it sent me into a panic checking all my emails to see if I screwed up.
Which MSC is this? One of them apparently had a recent database issue.

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@isaiah58 wrote:

Which MSC is this? One of them apparently had a recent database issue.

Which one apparently had a recent database issue?

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Yes I was wondering if the database issue (when this set of shops all got temporarily canceled) might have been part what went wrong. Being new at mystery shopping I wasn't sure if this happens often, that's why I originally​ posted it on the new shoppers board. I've liked the jobs and the scheduler has be wonderful, but It leaves me feeling uncomfortable if this is how shoppers are treated when there's a problem.

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Hello wwin. You're dealing with a verifier who did two things at the same time - lost his/her temper and made a mistake. I'd respond to the verifier and tell her she is in contact with the wrong shopper, give her your dates, etc. I'd reach out to the scheduler and let the scheduler know what's going on. I wouldn't necessarily write off the company because one employee screwed up. Whether I continued with them would depend on how they handled this to conclusion, whether I liked the type shops they do, and whether they have a considerable amount of work in my area.

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verifier just wrote me back telling me she is certain it's me because my name is on the shop and is suggesting I altered the date on the receipt or ... I don't even know. She's assumed that I didn't keep my receipt and ... again I don't know...She's informed me I should keep track of all my receipts and wants to know if I have any receipts for October (assuming I had thrown them out).

First I keep all my receipts as well as notes on each shop. Second I've only done 5 of these shops and all close to home. This was the first time I've even gone to that city. But I'm getting paranoid; did I totally screw up and do a shop and not remember then throw away emails from the company without reading them?
I would stop the communication with the verifier for the time being and try to deal with the scheduler. If they are saying your name is on a shop done before you signed up with the company, possibly they have two shoppers with the same name. If they have a shop log you can check, see if you can find that shop on your shop log. Sounds to me like a mix up of some kind. I seriously doubt you forgot doing a shop.

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
Go back to the email from your schedule. Is it possible that she assigned the shop with an October date?
^^^ Like she said. If the MSP is using a format where you can check your completed shops, that would be simple. If not, a scheduler should have access to see when you did what shops, and from your profile see when your application was completed.
Thankfully being new I've been keeping all emails confirming my assignments (and now I see why). The email clearly states I was assigned the job Nov. 14th. I've sent it along with my message to the scheduler hopefully she can clear this mess up. But I'm really angry, this has taken hours of my time looking for notes /receipts on a shop that didn't exist and added a huge amount of stress for 12 bucks.

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It is certainly an unpleasant introduction to the company, whatever company it may have been.
At this point, it may be more helpful for the OP to tell us which MSC. Do not name the client though if you name the MSC.
Not a surprise! Some of their subcontractors can be a PITA.

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I received a nastygram from one of their verifiers about a receipt that I followed the exact instructions from the scheduler to upload... I'm chalking it up to growing pains from taking so many things in-house. Who knows? I did get paid for the first set of these that I did and the others are all marked okay to pay.
I'll bet they're having challenges due to the increased volume at the MSC named above.

This MSC appears to use letters from one's name as the shopper ID, and it wouldn't be a surprise for there to be a transposition or similarity that could be involved in this issue.

With this MSC, I had a recent hiccup on my pay statement. I went through the scheduler, who escalated it to her boss, and that person had the info to send to the MSC's project manager. It was straightened out in about one day, and paid a couple of days after.

With another MSC (MF) I finished a shop recently, went to upload my receipt photos, only to find those spots already populated with photos from a similar shop I did the day before. That was resolved in a day or two by emailing the MSC's help desk, since the system itself would not let me delete and replace.

In this one, I'd suggest the OP take the verifier (who is not listening) out of the chain ,and deal with the scheduler. There's something going astray in the computer system, Once they get the right people involved, they should be able to find out what's going on and fix it.
Some MSCs are disorganized. I had that experience when I was a rookie and they claimed I had never done any shop for them so of course, why was I asking about delayed payment? When things cleared up and the fault was theirs, they blamed their website or whatever. That's why I said in my previous post, determine if you want to deal with any disorganized MSC or scheduler. If you have to straighten out their bookkeeping, why are you mshopping for them? Dealing with a headache is not my idea of having a symbiotic relationship.
I received a very nice appology last night from the verifier, not just for the mistake but also for accusing me.

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Glad you got an apology and not an excuse!

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@wwin wrote:

I received a very nice appology last night from the verifier, not just for the mistake but also for accusing me.

I'd rather get that than a Hero Citation. That is like a unicorn sighting in this industry.
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