Account manually deactivated by intellishop

Help! I am confused my account was deactivated with intellishop and I dont know what I did wrong I have did several shops with all good feedback and still awaiting payment.Will I be paid for my work even though it says account manually deactivated. And who can I email to resolve this issue.

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Usually, if your shops were completed correctly, they are still paid as scheduled, even if you are deactivated. Deactivated just means you can't take any new shops for them. But of course it depends on the company, shopper, and situation. As far as who to contact, if no one on here knows of someone at Intellishop who specifically deals with deactivations, I would advise contacting a scheduler. Even if they don't handle it, they can usually point you in the right direction or forward your e-mail to the person who does handle it. Since Intellishop uses the Sassie platform, they might have a Shopper Citation section on the main screen right above your Shop Log. If so, look at the most recent citation on the list, which will probably contain the reason you have been deactivated. Usually that will also list the scheduler who gave you that citation. Contacting that scheduler might be a good place to start. Hope this helps.

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I think you you can go in and manually reactivate yourself.

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I'd think 99% of the time if a shopper is deactivated, they really do know what shop caused it. If you really had good marks on all shops and nothing was wrong, I'd call voice and try to discuss the matter. You stand a better chance of arguing your case if there is some misinformation over the phone than with emails.
Contact them. It happened to me with Market Force and there was really no legitimate reason. I just could not log in. They told me I had asked to be deactivated. When I said I never did, my account was reactivated immediately. I have only one MSC who had removed me from their D/Base and it was because I had asked them to. I have no regrets to these days.
Are you sure you didn't accidentally click on a link in one of the emails that is supposed to ask to not get offers any more and/or take you out of their system? I don't know if that's specifically in IS emails, but I've seen it in other MSC emails.

I personally would know what would get me deactivated. I'd know exactly what shop and why. So if you haven't done anything wrong, I'd think it was a mistake by either you or the MSC in changing some setting.

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