How do I "unrequest" a job from Trendsource?

I requested a job with PAD last week. Hadn't heard anything from them. Today, it's snowing very hard and the assignment is due in a few hours. No WAY would I want to drive out to the location for the small amount I requested in PAD (maybe 6x that amount; maybe). I can't figure out how to unrequest it and am worried that they'll approve it last-minute.

Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.

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Don't worry about it. TrendSource does not assign shops directly , they "offer" the assignment by sending you an e-mail with a link to click to accept. In order to get it, you must click the link and accept. If you don't click the link and accept, the job is not assigned to you. Once in a great while, they will e-mail and say "if you want this job, e-mail me back," but they don't just assign to you.
Thank you. Much relieved.

Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.
My experience with them: just let them know, either by message thru the website or calling. I have never had a problem. If they are on tight deadline, maybe different story depending on the circumstances.
I have had two shops assigned directly from requests! It was odd to me since I've always been asked to confirm them before. I accidentally requested a shop in a location FAR from me thinking it was in my town. I figured I'd just go through the "deny" step if by chance they did approve it. Well, they assigned it to me automatically. I simply emailed them though and explained what happened and they took it off right away.
I have emailed them and messaged them through the website with no difference in time of response.
I do quite at few grocery stores for Trendsource as a means to reduce my grocery bill. They are usually pretty easy to work with on these assignments and to get them rescheduled if you need to move them due to weather or unique circumstances. However, I really dislike their penalty system. When they assign me projects in a city over 70 miles away, they expect me to submit reports by midnight when I do not get home until 10 PM or later on the shop day. I wish they would change their midnight due dates for us high volume shoppers.
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