Self-Scheduling vs. Scheduler

Is there any advantage to the scheduler for assigning a job to me? I'm looking at a certain assignment that expires today. I'm pretty sure the date will change tomorrow once the job hasn't been completed but was wondering if I should email the scheduler and ask to be assigned. I'm all in favor of helping each other out so if schedulers gets any kind of reward for scheduling the jobs to me, I'd love to help them out. If it's just extra work for them, I'm happy to wait til tomorrow and self assign. Any insight?

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It never hurts to email them, I have done that before and been happily assigned the shop with the requested and desired date to complete.
I have had a shop that I applied for and was walking out the door to shop in the same parking lot as the job. The MSC had a scheduling company that was one that could not be reached by phone. I called the MSC directly and told them I could do a shop for them in the next hour or not at all. The MSC was happy to assign it to me and the person I spoke with was not good with Sassie and it took them a few minutes to get it to assign and off I went.

I wonder if the scheduler or scheduling company got any negative push back from the MSC as I had applied two days earlier and it was due that day. I never heard any more about it and the editor graded the shop fairly.

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I have heard that schedulers are extremely busy and receive hundreds of emails a day. I personally wouldn't contact a scheduler to assign me a shop when the self-assigning feature is available -- unless there was a good reason to. Most all emails I get from schedulers direct shoppers to their web site to sign up, and do not request to be contacted directly to schedule (unless it's an urgent shop). I am guessing if schedulers want to manually schedule shoppers (to receive a commission or for any other reason), they would request it in the shop emails or shop info.
I don't think the OP would do that in normal circumstances, rainy. The point was that the shop date was ending that day and the OP wanted to do the shop after that date, which makes it a good reason to contact the scheduler. The OP could not do the shop the day that the shop was expiring so self-scheduling was not n option. Believe me, if the shop can be done a different day and hasn't been assigned, schedulers are delighted to help.
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