I need to learn how to speak Scheduler-ese

Since when does "Sorry, I cannot do this shop because I'm about to die of some plague-like flu" (in writing) mean, "Please reschedule me for whatever date you like and if I don't complete it, Please oh please, give me a flake on my account." I have done many shops for this particular MSC and never flaked, rescheduled, nothing not even once in the last 6 months. Now, after given more than 3 days notice that I wasn't confident that I could complete an audit due to being down with sickness, they rescheduled me for a different day without asking or getting any confirmation. WTH?

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I've found with emails to schedulers that I have to be very straightforward and provide them with a succinct list of what I need, almost in bullet point form. So, instead of:

@ wrote:

I'm interested in job XYZ, but can't complete it on the dates listed. Would it be possible to do it on Jan 1st instead? If so, I'd be interested in learning more about the job if you are able to send me the guidelines or additional information. Thank you!
I will now send this:
@ wrote:

I'm interested in learning more about job XYZ, can you please send me a copy of the guidelines or additional information about the job?
Please do not assign the job to me at this time. Thank you!
The second version has less information, and seems more brusque to me. But I've found that no matter how clear I try to be, if there's a date in the email I send to the scheduler, they will sometimes assign it to me. I understand that they get a lot of emails and if I were skimming through a note from a shopper quickly, I might just seize on the date too and assume they wanted to be assigned for that date, especially if I needed to get the job assigned.

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Considering it's an audit and considering it's barely 1/3 of the way into the month and it's the first month of the quarter, I'm guessing they just rescheduled it to a random date to keep it on your board until you can give them a definite date you can. I wouldn't see this as a bad thing. Maybe I'm weird.

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Any time I need/want to reschedule a shop, I always give date choices for the scheduler to pick from. I tell her if that works, just go ahead and schedule it and let me know asap. If you don't give an alternate date, seems to me they can just give you anything.
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