Scheduling company not scheduling me for a shop 10 minutes away.

I am at a loss. I am an experienced shopper with about eight years of experience, including shopping for particular company in question. They have a shop on the board I offered to take when it was a lower bonus, the application was rejected. The shop sat on the board, yesterday they offered a higher bonus, I applied again. Rejected. It is the last one they have on the board, I do not understand the hang up, unless the scheduler wants it for themselves or a close buddy? It is not a hard shop. You have to check for an out of stock item.


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You may be out of rotation.

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I have not performed one of these shops for them, this would have been the first, so I could not be out of rotation.
Okay. They may be wanting someone who does have experience with the shop. If someone with experience is not interested or within a rotation that cannot be waived, they may give it you by default. Look at it this way, more time for the bonus to go upwinking smiley

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They are amazing at answering the rotary telephone.

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Maybe you just don't fit the demographic they're looking for. Good luck though.

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@BuffaloNY101 wrote:

They are amazing at answering the rotary telephone.

They have outsourced this job to KSS Scheduling.

There is one shop left in my state with a nice bonus, but it's too far away for the bonus.
If this is the appliance shop at a big-box specialty store, there are some left at $50 in my state. I'd never do one at base pay, but I would for $50! But all are too far from me, too. When they finally went up to an acceptable amount, I was laid up with a bad back and couldn't drive. Now that I can, all my local ones are gone! ;(

If they keep having trouble filling these at base rate, do you think they'll up it at all? It's a lot of work for the measly base pay.

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I feel you. Last time I saw the Pandora shops posted (several months ago), I was recovering from a broken collarbone and going to have surgery to correct it. I didn't want to take it not knowing yet if I could commit. The one location posted in my city (the next closest one is 3hrs away) was gone while I was in the hospital before the surgery.
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