Service Evaluation Concepts hair salon shops

Hi, everyone! Have any of you performed the hair salon shops for SEC? Did you enjoy it? How was the report?
I appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.

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love 'em. But you can't be in a rush when you do them. They take a long time. You can't be someone who is picky about how your hair is done. You never can be sure what you will end up with. The report is short and fairly easy, Narrative is limited with characters so it can't be too short or too long. Just the facts. I take all or them I can get. Around here they book up about three months in advance so you have to try to figure out when they will hit and when you hair will grow enough​ for another hair cut to fall at the right times.
Thank you so much! I appreciate the practical advice. i feel daring enough to go for it?
The shops are nice in that you are getting a salon service reimbursed. Previous post is correct, you cannot be in a rush, and you cannot be sure of the outcome if you are doing color for example - it may or may not be exactly what you wanted so you have to be somewhat open to your end result. I personally love the facial shops for the client, as well as the retail shops - great products. I've had great experiences with the MSC and the reports are not difficult at all.
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