Do schedulers bother to read our e-mails?

I've been hit from one company that is offering a whole $1 bonus, and one that want me to work for them (if only they would reactive my profile).

I've written back both schedulers explain the situation to them, in regards to both their situations, and neither one seems to take the take the time to write back to me.

Is this the norm, send out personalized e-mails to the shoppers, but not write back?

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In the years I have been MSing, there is only one scheduler who never responded to me. That was Ryan at KSS. He failed to respond on more than one occasion and I was forced to e-mail Lorrie, who did respond. He appears to be gone from KSS. All other schedulers have always responded, although some are faster than others. A couple do take days to respond.

Might the lack of response have something to do with the need for reactivation? Why does your profile need reactivation? Since you say you wrote to both schedulers and explained the situation, it implies that you either deactivated yourself or you were deactivated for a reason. Maybe the schedulers do not feel comfortable getting involved in a past situation so it is easier to ignore your correspondence? Perhaps you should escalate your request.
Just to be clear both schedulers work for two different companies, two different situations.

One I am on good terms with, I just need more money to make the MS worth my time. I never hear back from her, even gave her my cell number.

The other one we're on day #4, and not so much as, "We're looking into it".
Were the e-mails asking for your help personal e-mails only to you or were they e-mails to all area shoppers and you were one of the shoppers who received the e-mails?

Are the two schedulers with the two companies the same ones you wrote about on the 11th in another thread, telling us you sent "ripper" e-mails to them:


If these are the situations, if I were the scheduler, I would probably not respond to you. It kind of sounds to me like you burned bridges.
Are you sure it's a personalized email?

Either way, responsiveness is definitely dependent on the scheduler and possibly your relationship with them can affect it as well.

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Well, that depends on the scheduler really. And how they respond to it. I emailed a scheduler because the extension on the Guidelines was not valid when I tried to contact the target, which was also unnamed. I watched my mail and no response. So I went to the Guidelines again because the deadline was in two days and there was a tour to be scheduled. Was I surprised that she had corrected the info on the Guidelines without ever advising me. No scheduler has ever done that to me especially something that was crucial to the shop. I have a bad feeling about this one.

Edited because the scheduler did reply but somehow I did not receive it. So, hopefully, I can now complete the shop.

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I view the e-mails as personalized since I am the only one in the To: field.

Like I said one I am on good terms with, yes the other company is one I posted about earlier.

In the latter's case, I am confused as to why they keep e-mailing me if I was black balled by them.
@OldDog wrote:

I view the e-mails as personalized since I am the only one in the To: field.

If the scheduler, or anyone for that matter, ever wants to send out a mass email, but make it look like it is only going to one particular person, it can often be sent out as: BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)

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Unless the body of the e-mail addresses me AND says something that personalizes it, I operate under the assumption that the e-mail has gone to a lot of shoppers.

For example, if an e-mail has only my name in the "To" area and says "Please, please, won't you do this shop for me? I'm desperate," it is probably sent to multiple shoppers. Many schedulers try to make it look like each shopper is the only one receiving a communication. I'm told they think it looks "more friendly."

If an e-mail has only my name in the "To" area and the body of the e-mail says something like "Suzi, I really appreciated when you helped me with this location in December. Could you possibly do it again for me? I can change the date to give you more time if that would help" it is probably sent just to me.

edited because Spell Checker is not my friend.

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Actually both e-mails I responded to had my name in the body of the e-mail.

Well sent them both a response in the last 48 hours, urgent with read receipt, and I'll see what happens. Just feels like I am sending e-mails down a black hole here. Maybe they don't like gmail?
I've gotten mass emails with my name in the body. If I don't care for the offer, I don't respond unless it is very clear they sent it directly to me, which has also happened. This has failed me with false negatives, but at least I'm not responding to every email with my name on it.
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