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I use an assertive approach. I apply for 1) shops that pay enough 2) geographically fit and 3) schedulers with a polite and welcoming tone. You can work with them, and adjust dates if necessary. Also, I always put, "I look forward to working with you as an Independent Contractor," this way you can build a rapport. After I outline my route on my calendar, I can always pick up something last minute on 'shopnchek' I will not accept low paying assignments unless it's a cluster that I can do together. Some of them want to get away with slave like wages. Wait until they are desparate and offering bonuses! I call those the EOM bonuses that I've been waiting for. I also like the ones where they ask you to bid, then I bid maximum and ask for more for parking, tolls, etc. GOOD LUCK
You'll need to sign up for some mystery shopping companies. Have you done so? Check out Shop 'n' Chek, they have a lot of shops and recommend new shoppers.

It takes some legwork but it is worth it!

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