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#Job Description;
[a] You wiII be assigned to visit the store, etc.
You have to pretend to be a normal potential customers who are looking for a specific product/service.
[c] You will then complete questionnaires online to share with us your customer's experience.
[d] Most of the time you will only need to spend 20 minutes on the visit.
[e] Get $_350/assignment, at least 2 assignments/week will be assigned.

[a] 18 years old or above,
[c] Can read and write English,
Can speak the local language well.

If you are interested, reply this email by filling out the information below for signup;
I. Full N4me :

II. C!ty/St4te/Zip

III. Addres-Full :

IV. a9e/Gender : :

VI. Mobile/home@/ Ph0ne :

>.Thank you for your participation and being here with us.

Alexia Muller

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Our Main Business Areas Include:

* Helping people who are not job ready to develop the skills and competence to become employable.

* Matching unemployed people to suitable job opportunities.

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I would write back:

Dear Alexia,

No, please, $300 an assignment is too much! I appreciate your offer but I would prefer $12 for the project. smiling smiley

Sincerely yours,

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