Schedulers changing narratives - What should I do?

Okay, I have not seen anything like this on the forum, but I may have missed it. I received a message today that I needed to change a narrative and put more information in it. I went to make the change and found that the overall narrative under the one I was to change had been changed to one sentence after I had spent at least 25 minutes working on it.

I checked the guidelines again for the shop thinking that maybe the requirements had been changed and I missed the change. No, I had not!!!! It clearly states in the directions that the overall comment section must have a detailed narrative of what had happened in all three areas of the evaluation. The wording that was changed does not even represent the way I write reports and certainly does not cover the three areas. In the past, I have been asked to put even more detail in this type of narrative and I have. Therefore, I make sure that the overall Narrative is very detailed. Now, it has been changed to one sentence? What is going on? ?????????****!!!!

I called the company when I discovered it and talked to a member of the team.
She, at first, didn't understand what I was complaining about. Thank goodness, I have a copy of what I wrote and read it to her as she looked at what was on the form. She was flabbergasted. She told me that someone would be calling me tomorrow in regards to this. I sure hope so.

We talk about integrity for shoppers, what about for editors, especially when the narrative that was put in for me does not even follow the guidelines.???????

Does anyone have any other suggestions as do what else I should do?

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You have flagged the problem and evidently did so in a calm and professional manner. Now it is up to the company to deal with it and discover what is going on. You may or may not hear a final outcome. It is of course possible that a careless editor accidentally deleted your text without having created a backup copy of your report. If that is the case you are due an apology, though you may never get it. I suspect you will be requested to copy and paste your saved narrative into the report and resubmit it.
For security reasons you should not be using your real name, if it is, on this forum. This is read by many shoppers, editors, and companies.
Great job on the way you handled the situation.

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When I first joined the forum, it did not register that I needed a code name. since then I have asked many times how to get the name changed and have never received a response back. I would love to know. how to.
Contact JacobJ. Easiest way to do that is to go to 'Member Introductions' and the very first post in that section has JacobJ as the author. Left click on his name in blue and his profile will open with an opportunity to 'send a private message'. Click on send a private message and make and send your request. Make it a 'one stop' trip and tell him what you want to change your name to. Give him a couple of options in case the first you request is in use already.
I have tried contacting him before through e-mail and had not gotten any results. I will try it this way.
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