Why don't schedulers give us our jobs when we applied for them?

Trying to plan my route today! So frustrating I am driving 45 miles in One Direction and have shops all along the way. I have applied for two other shops in the same city but, the scheduler has not gone online and giving me these two shops. I have done the shops 1 million times and know exactly how to do them. But, are they still asleep during the holiday weekend? Wake up schedulers, Time to get back to work!!
This situation is very frustrating!!

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Adore, there is a recent thread answering exactly this question:


When schedulers are not quick to assign a shop to a shopper who has applied, it appears in many cases they are looking to see who else applies so they can schedule the shop to their best choice.
I applied for over 10 simple gas station shops at one msc over the past few months. I was new to the company and wanted to get a feel for them before taking on bigger jobs (the jobs don't seem to be in high demand based on the number in my area that stay up on the board) . To my surprise, the msc has left me in limbo for the 14 days the site keeps them active, except for the one or two they listed as given to another shopper. Two jobs they called many weeks later and needed the job done that day but my schedule was already full. Honestly, if an msc can't respect my time and repeatedly‚Äč leaves me in limbo, I don't think they are the type of company I want to work with.
If you have a route and need to get rolling you have three choices. Leave the applications for now if you want to add them in last minute, cancel the applications and be on your way or call the scheduler. What you don't want to do is delay the start of your day or leave the apps so they are assigned after you have completed this route.

BTW, a lot of schedulers are ICs just like us. That means just because it is time for you to get back to work, it's not necessarily time for them to get back to workwinking smiley

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My solution is usually a combination of Lisa's options. I email the scheduler, or call if possible. I tell them I need to know right away and give them a cutoff time. While I am doing the route, if I have not been assigned a shop when I pass that area or need to make a navigation decision, I cancel the application. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. It's still frustrating either way, I agree.
Schedulers are people with lives too...especially on a holiday weekend and in the morning (hence your "wake up" comment). Patience is a virtue. Their deadline for that shop may be a week out. Maybe two. Just because you want to do it that moment doesn't mean it has to be an emergency, immediate gratification situation. We often don't get shops as shoppers because schedulers do have their first choice favorites, or there is a lot of competition for the "good" shops.
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