Jancyn Sizing Audits

I look forward to doing sizing audits as they are fairly quick and the report is a breeze. Usually they can be done start to finish in under an hour. I also looked forward to their timely payments via PayPal; however, has anyone else noticed Jancyn has become one of the "slow payers"? Six weeks minimum and now going on seven weeks. Why do MSCs take so long to pay their contractors? If reports have to be turned in within 12-24 hours, I'm sure whoever has the job to check our work also has a turn around time as well as the company for either accepting or rejecting our work. What good is a report to a company if it is weeks old? By then the individual responsible for the area is probably long gone. Bottom line, I've been a mystery shopper for 10 years; however, I'm getting frustrated with payment turn-around times from many of them.

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One of the MSCs I contract with said that the turnaround from their client is what makes the six week factor.

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I believe Jancyn is 45 days. They have always paid within 45 days for me except once which was a special project not on their prophet system nor ISS. I got paid a few weeks late after contacting them on it.

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Resurrecting this thread because I'm thinking of doing one of these tomorrow. It's nicely bonused ($36 total fee), and I'll be in the area, anyway. But, in looking at the instructions, this looks very time consuming and confusing! I suppose it's not confusing once you get in there and start it, though.

Five categories and 625 items sounds like more than an hour's worth of work (they say most shoppers take an hour or less), especially if there are many in the wrong size slots. And can you really do these "in secret" when you take your paperwork into the store with you, record SKU #s (even though just one in each category), and take photos of categories with more than the allowable number of mis-sized items?

I have another shop in the same area tomorrow, plus other errands to run, so I don't want to get myself into a time bind. Doing both shops within the necessary time frames won't be a problem, but if the sizing audit runs longer than "expected," I'll be in trouble with my last errand--the one that I'm going to that town to do! I'd guess these get easier the more you do them, but this would be my first one! I figure I can allow about 1 1/2 hours tomorrow out of my day to do this, but if it runs longer, it'll be a problem.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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These are easy and relatively quick shops for the money. (1) Walk in and look for the stand that has a picture of the manager and their name. (2) Go to your first category and start at one end of the rack looking for mis-sized items - be sure and write down the 400xxxxxxxxxxx number on one of the tags you "count" and be sure to look in the garment for the size - do not go by the nub on the hanger. (3) Do the same thing for the next 4 categories. You are done!

However, if one category does not have 125 items to count then you move on to the "backup category" and repeat. I have done many, usually take about 45 minutes depending on what you are checking. Bras, panties take much longer than pants and tops! Report doesn't take more than 5 minutes.

Hint: turn the hanger around when you find a mis-sized item that way all you have to count is how many you have looked at and when you get to 125 backtrack and count the hangers turned around.

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Yes they have become one of the slow payers. I do a lot of these sizing audits and seems before they were paid within 30 days. Now I am lucky to get it withing 45-50 days.
Why do MSCs pay slow? That's easy:

1. Many lack capital and rather than obtaining a line of credit at a bank, they finance their operations on the backs of their micro-suppliers (the shopper);

2. Many (indeed, most) do not have the faith/integrity:
a) to stand behind their subcontractors' work;
b) to take the business risk that in subcontracting that they might end up paying for work which will not be acceptable to their customer (the client);

3. Nearly everyone lacks faith in their ability to select subcontractors (shoppers) of integrity who would refund to the MSC fees paid for unacceptable work.
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