Marketforce premium fee?

I got an email from Marketforce offering a "premium fee" aka bonus. Is this normal?
I figured it was to fill a last minute shop, but it's a month away.

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It is normal. It's usually on their hard-to-assign locations. If you take the assignment, make sure you keep a copy stating the bonused amount. I've had them forget to pay me the bonus before.
@2stepps wrote:

I wonder whatever happened to Samatha shops!

She was probably part of the fast food team. When they lost the big client they probably couldn't afford to keep her on.

Yep, I know.

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And in the explanation regarding the $3 premium fee, there is a mention that "This is not a Samantha shop." I for one do not know what a Samantha shop is.
A Samantha shop is a computer generated shop from Marketforce, designed to look like a shop offer from a scheduler named Samantha. The bonus is generally more significant than the $3 offers. I think it is based on your past history of doing that particular shop. I don't think I have ever gotten an offer on a shop I hadn't done before. She is still around, I accepted 2 last week.
@2stepps wrote:

I wonder whatever happened to Samatha shops!
Samantha never got around to giving me any shops I requested. tongue sticking out smiley
The bonus will be on the CPI. I suggest you generate your CPI copy immediately after accepting the shop. Every now and then MF attempts to book out certain shops well in advance.

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I have not gotten a Samantha Offer since they lost the large FF Client. I do not even get that many of the $3 offers anymore. Samantha never gave me any of the locations I applied for anyway. sad smiley

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I always wait for the last-minute phone call; the bonus is much higher than $3!

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I have been lucky lately with MF. For the last two months, I have received a phone call from a very nice female scheduler (I can't remember her name) who asked me to do one of my favorite burger place for them. The locations were in different communities about 30 minutes from where I live. I was offered $30 for one and $40 for the other shop which I jumped at. I also get the emails offering a bonus for the same burger place for a stinking $3.00!!! Needless to say, I don't respond to the emails. I don't think the $3.00 would pay for the gas it would take to get to the locations.
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