Stericycle forms and documents show as gibberish to me

I signed up today to do some assignments for them and all the documents I need when I download them show up as gibberish. I need the letter to show to the customer and the directions so I know what I am supposed to do. I tried calling twice and left message with no response. I have not worked for them in four years and I think I forgot that there was this problem. RQA uses the same platform and I would get the same gibberish with their files. I had someone at RQA that I would call and he would email me the forms I needed in a readable form. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Are they PDF or Word docs?

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I dusted off my PC and was able to get them using Chrome. On my Mac they just did not work. I thought IE was replaced by Edge. I hardly ever use the PC. Mostly I use the PC to update my Garmin.
Thanks to everyone for the ideas. Some other company used to require IE.
They use Flash player so if you are using a Apple product you'll get the gibberish. I discovered the Puffin Browser app that allows it to be read.

Edited to ad: an Apple mobile product, iPhone, iPad. Also the other way I work around it, use Evernote to stream it from my desktop to the Evernote app on my tablet. It comes as a PDF so if you won't have Internet access on your mobile device, open it up (when you do) and take screen shots (picture) of the documents. That of course won't help with the signature page, this I print. Then there is the Foxit PDF app that allows you to 'write on' a PDF.

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