IntelliShops Payment Question

So I completed a bunch of shops on or before August 30th. I went and checked them today and they are all now listed payment pending. Is that normal? Does this mean they will be paid this month.

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I completed shops on 5/31 (with a submit by date of 6/1). I was paid on 6/20.

According to my experience at least, you'll be paid this month. Hope this helps.
Intelli-shop will pay you... it goes to pending payment when they have accepted it and it's scheduled to be paid on their next pay date... I can't remember what, but it should be within 45 days-ish from the date you shopped...
fantastic because they list their pay dates as the 20th of the month smiling smiley I had no doubt they would pay me, just hoping it is next week.

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That is normal. You should be paid 9/20. I have never has problems with their payment schedule and have been working with them for 6 months regularly.
It varies. I've been shopping with them for 13 years. I have been paid as quickly as 30 days before, but at other times it was closer to 2 months. I haven't done anything with them lately other than some casino shops, but those paid pretty quickly.
I went thru all my shops for various companies and printed their company protocol for payments so I can reference invoices owing and paid as well as when to expect payments.
There's also a handy Excel spread someone on the forum made.

Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.
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