Problem entering a report

I just spent close to an hour completing a report on a restaurant shop. At the very end when I was about to submit it, a message showed up that said "Sorry this system is down for maintenance. Try again later". I am afraid that the whole report has been lost. Has anyone ever had this problem?

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On long reports I save them about every 20 minutes. For any narratives I copy them to a text or word file just in case something happens. I create and save my comprehensive chronological narrative before I start the report.

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Yes, just now. In the middle of entering my report, saw my time was clocking down. Hit the "Save for Later" button. Bamm! Sorry system is down for maintenance! Try again later." Why can't Itelli-shop put a warning on the login page so that I was prepared. And the report is due within 12 hours or by midnight. It's due today. **&%^@
I am so concerned about this. So much time was spent completing this report and now it seems lost and I have a second report, also due tonight, but with the same company and I can't enter that one either. At least with the second one, I haven't wasted any time. I could not log on. I did email the scheduler for the first report. I keep hitting the refresh key and hoping that it will be operational.
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