Apartment shop scheduler "trick" ???

I recently accepted an assignment from EPMS and am now doing one for Remington. Both targeted apartment shops pay slightly higher than the other shops on their job board. The problem is, I am calling 6 times each day (3 days for EPMS) and cannot reach the target. EPMS canceled the shop when I reported that someone told me the target no longer worked there, and of course, I didn't earn anything. I am afraid the same thing will happen on this Remington shop.

LESSON LEARNED? If you accept apartment shops that pay slightly more than the others, you risk the job being canceled for no pay because it is a difficult target??? Anyone else agree?

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I don't perform any targeted shops ever. I don't have the time for their nonsense. I also have a FT job so I can't spend tons of time making phone calls.
How did you learn that the target no longer worked there?

I do shops for both MSCs.

With EPMS, I have been paid a nominal fee when I couldn't reach a target. I just had to document my calls both on their website and by email.

With Remington, I've always been able to reach the target.

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Sorry, Movin.

If the property told you the target no longer worked there, presumably you asked for the target. If you got permission from EPMS or Remington to ask for the target, there should be no problem. If you asked for the target without permission, that's reason for the MSC to reject the shop. Generally, MSCs will provide a stated timeframe for the shopper. If the target hasn't been reached, after x calls over x days, call the MSC for further instruction. They want the shop done, correctly, as much as the shopper does.
Thanks for the info. I did get permission from EPMS to ask for the target by name after several attempts. The scheduler told me to stop the shop process when I learned the target no longer worked there. She did not tell me to complete the shop form and submit it. My mistake, I suppose.

The Remington is still in progress. I will make another 6 calls today, (as I did the last two days), and this time I will be sure to complete the shop form if the "system" lets me.
Movin, you may still get paid for your phone efforts. When my target was a maintenance worker, I got paid $5 for making the never ending calls. For my shop similar to yours, my target did not work there any more. I got $5 for the phone calls.

$5 does nothing for your budget in comparison to the bonused shop fee, but at least it's something.

I enjoy working for EPMS. The reports aren't ripped to shreds like with Remington, and they pay on time. I did a very low rent apartment for them. My report was objective, but the editor and scheduler knew that I was displeased with that location. The following week, I got a high end apartment with a nice bonus.

Remington is really good with having reachable targets. I have made two calls at the most to reach my targets.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I normally get paid a nominal fee when the target is no longer working. I've also been paid the full amount when the target didn't require an appointment and wasn't there. The MSC paid me because it was the company who gave the wrong information.

Honestly, target shops are on my 10ft pole list, especially if they require me to make an appointment.

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Not a big deal, but I get mildly annoyed when EPMS gives out the wrong information. One time, they had me shop a maintenance worker. Another time, the telephone number they gave me was never answered, and was different from what was listed on the apartment's website. Not to mention, they have targets who no longer work at the apartments. One apartment I did had a waiting list of 4 years. I don't know way they were shopped.

Remington seems to stay on top of things. They have the work schedules of the targets as well as how many people are working on specific days. They are just too picky with their narratives.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I think it has less to do with the MSC and more to do with the client not staying on top of things and communicating to the MSC.
I had that happen and I promised myself no more targeted apartment shops..... I called and called... and in the end, it was not worth it. This one is now on my 10 foot pole list. You have to add up all the phone calls, the actual pre-phone call if you get the target, the appointment set up and hope she/he keeps it. Do the shop, walk the grounds, do everything required and then go home and write a detailed narrative. This one is a hit or miss at times and my time is too important for me to play catch-me-if-you-can with phone calls.

I remember doing one, drove 35 miles there, target never answered the door, the place was closed up (small complex) and I was fuming that I wasted the day.... I was paid for the shop but it's just not worth it to me anymore.

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I still do them, though infrequently. I 'd say 95% of the target shops I've done have been hassle free. That hassle free percentage is fairly representative of all the shops I do.
Mine are mostly hassle free as well, but when there is a hassle, it's a doozy.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
No more targeted shops for me. I've been forced to go on a tour of apartments because my target called in sick and I showed up...they will not let you shop another employee...lots of your time and effort WASTED for no result.

Kona Kathie
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