GOODWILL SHOPS Asking About Employment....?Difficult? ?Narrative Heavy?

Hello all,
I searched the Forum and could not find any topics about this, so please forgive if I've missed it somehow. I have done the regular Goodwill Donation and Goodwill Store shops, but have never done one of the Employment Inquiry shops where you go in and ask about employment. There is one in my area with a decent bonus to it, and I was wondering how involved these are. If you go when you are supposed to, is there ALWAYS someone there to talk with? I ask because this location is about a 45 minute drive ONE WAY, and I would hate to do this and get there and have no one to talk to! Then I would wonder if I would be paid. Also, does it take a reasonable amount of time to do the talking with the Employment Specialist at Goodwill??? Are the narratives similar to the Donation and Store shops??

Thanks so much in advance!

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I can tell you that in my area, there are two completely different Goodwill organizations (they do not overlap). One conducts mystery shops, the other does not. I have done mystery shops in the one which does. In both sets of stores, there is always someone present to accept donations and at least one other person available inside the retail store. Some locations have both donation and purchase area. Some have only one or the other, but someone is always there. Each of them has a centralized location which trains and employs people to do tasks such as bulk mailings and other things. Is that the type of Employment Specialist you would be looking for?

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The shop with the Employment Specialist is with the same Sassie company that also does the Donation shops and regular Store with Donation shops. All three are done by the same company. I am supposed to go in without any sort of resume, between certain hours, and speak with an Employment Specialist about a job. I was just wondering if those who have done this have ever gone and NOT FOUND an Employment Specialist, and then what happens? Were you still paid for your job? This one has a nice bonus attached, but its a 45 minute drive one way, and I don't want to do it if I get there and no one is there to speak with about a job, and I don't know what happens after that! I can't see the guidelines until I accept the job, so I figured I'd ask here. HTH.
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