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I look in my shop log after performing a shop that I spent nearly two hours completing. I got twice notices from the editors to make corrections and I made the corrections. I pretty much wrote them a novel after the second request answering all of there questions. I try to send back to the editors and the email does not work. They say that I did not make the corrections even though I did make the corrections for a senior living place. They do not even tell me that the second updates that I made were not good enough.

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Think Intelli Shop is in need of a big class action lawsuit. They are obviously getting work done for free lanir, not paying!
Their editors can be picky but I like them. They have my favorite client of all time and I will jump though any hoop to please that scheduler. Call them! I have picked up the phone and called when I needed something clarified.

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Mmmmm...I've been shopping for them for 14 years or so but I am wary of some shops. I stay away from the senior living places, financial, and wire transfer shops. I have done lots of shops over the years, mainly some oil changes, pizza shops, a few casinos, some car dealerships (only if they pay $40 and above). I still love the oil changes and casinos. Otherwise I don't bother.
every time anything having to do with intellishop pops up i contribute the somewhat same thing..."they are a hot mess". i've never been not paid but i find their whole operation to be a veritable sh*t show: low pay combined with confusing and contradicting guidelines and instructions, add into the mix editors who deduct points for arbitrary "grammar or context fixes" without saying why adds up to why i avoid them.

forgot something...

how about the many dreaded "drop down" windows on some of their, eh?


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They have a couple of shops that are worthwhile, but for the most part, I avoid them: low pay, arbitrary decisions and guidelines, and annoyingly inconsistent editors. It makes me glad I'm an independent contractor and can avoid whatever I want to avoid.
I stay away from their assisted living shops. I did one and got paid $70, the editor was so ridiculous about constantly asking for more information, calling me a liar because there was no way I would know word for word the telephone conversation, as you know it was recorded and we could hear it back. I didn't even know why they wanted this part of the narrative since it was taped. Finally I told them I was done and would not change another thing. I got paid, a 7, which I don't care about. I complained to the scheduler and she agreed with me and they wiped out what the editor said. I did keep it for proof, still have it. I have been tempted to do another one, but if they know what editor I had I will refuse to do the shop if it is the same person.
I have done some shops for them with no problems. I don't do the senior living shops though. Probably never will.
In my short time on this forum, I have read many posts about this MSC's guidelines, editing, and shop grades. Today, I saw a post where someone asks for a class action lawsuit. So... let's think about that for a minute. Has anyone ever determined if guidelines are influencing how shoppers perform and report their work as well as how editors are performing their jobs?

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I was amazed at the recent apartment shop posting - a targeted shop for $15 - unbelievable! I have done shops for them but only with additional incentive pay. Otherwise it's not worth it.
I won't take their Senior Living Shops anymore. I did one around this time last year. I was supposed to go on a Monday but did not get to go until that Tuesday. Well that Tuesday the scheduler emailed saying that they had busted me as a shopper "yesterday". I emailed and said that I hadn't even shopped them until that day so they must have been mistaken. My report was thrown out and I was not paid. I found it strange because I shopped many places and hadn't been outed.

Thanks for this post as it let's me know that I wasn't short on my game. It must be them and/or the client.
When it comes to assisted living shops if your not super detailed stay away from them. They are extremely long, very detailed and never worth the pay in the end.
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