Awkward Situation with a Scheduler

I'm doing a new kind of targeted shop soon, and I had to e-mail the scheduler for clarifications about what I was to do if someone who was not the target showed up. I was told to not shop this person because I would not be paid if i did. This caveat does not appear in the shop's guidelines, and I would not have accepted the shop if I knew about it. I have really enjoyed working with this company over the last couple of years and have had no issues so far, but I am also wondering if this may have been a misunderstanding on the scheduler's part or an attempt to minimize costs, as this does not appear in the shop guidelines.Unfortunately, I already intimated to the scheduler that I was willing to go ahead with the shop, but now I'm wondering if that was a mistake. Any suggestions on how to handle this gracefully?

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I'd be straightforward and would let her know that, as a rule, I don't do targeted shops, so could she please remove this from my queue. Then I'd ask her to please let me know what she had some that weren't targeted.

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I think just tell it like it is...I think most schedulers are understanding...I only know of one scheduler that is a total jerk.(not one company but one scheduler with one company)...everyone else if something comes up I just shoot them a quick email and tell them whats going on and I am able to reschedule or cancel. I go the rescheduling rather than canelling route.
First, by definition, a targeted shop means "shop only the target." However, some MSCs have a deal with the clients (and some do not) about partial pay if you have a recorded call making the appointment with the target, to get partial pay if the target then is not available when you arrive, or to permit you to shop someone else if the target is not available. HOWEVER, establishing yourself with a scheduler as reliable may, with some MSCs result in better odds of getting leeway about the target.

All of this means that many shoppers just avoid targeted shops where there is no pay if the target avoids the shopper on site. And, some targets are expert at this!

On the bright side, for recorded new home shops, some MSCs will make sure that they have the targets' work schedules and will assign on a day when either the target is working alone OR the client's area manager agrees to pull the target's partner off site during the hours around the shoppers ETA. I am doing one of the latter tomorrow morning, and one of the former in the afternoon. That MSC, and at least one other, has the client on notice that if, after all of this, the shop fails due to the target not being available, the shopper will be paid at least half of the fee plus all of the travel bonus. This is an big incentive for the client to work to make the shop work!

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If I were in your shoes, I'd ask about whether or not you will be paid something if the target isn't available. If yes, give it a shot.

If no, inform the scheduler that you will need to be paid regardless of whether or not the target is there if she wants you to go through with the shop. Then it's on her to choose whether to cancel or agree to pay you.
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