Grocery Insiders - A Club of people performing Mystery Shopping for free? Or a chance to win $200

This is a program I just signed up with at my local Albertson's. I did a competitor shop for, you know, the one that does the other one. I'll see what it's all about and report back if there are goodies involved or just a lot of work for hero points:

Grocery Insiders
Grocery Insiders is an online community of people who want to share their grocery shopping opinions and experiences. Our community provides members with the opportunity to help shape the future of our grocery stores and products. If you are already a member, simply sign in to participate.

If you would like to become a member please CLICK HERE to sign up. Every participating member has a chance to win one in three $200 cash prizes each month! Click here for sweepstakes rules.

Please note Albertsons Companies employees are not eligible to participate.

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@spicy1 wrote:

.... Every participating member has a chance to win one in three $200 cash prizes each month! .....

Wonder if Albertson's marketing department deliberately used the wrong preposition in their prize description? The wording made me think I had a 1 in 3 chance of winning $200 each month, not that I'm competing with thousands of "insiders" to win one "of" three prizes.
I get those community invites all the time via the survey companies I participate with. Very few pay anything. Many years ago Sprint had one that paid everyone monthly with an Amazon cyber gift card. I racked up over $100 before they dropped the payment.

I've joined a few others over the years. I eventually grow board of doing everything they want just for feeling good about helping shape the future.

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I'm not doing a grocery one, but I did sign up for one through a bank that is interested in my age groups ideas and ideals on retirement, financial planning, etc. It pays around $20-$50 a month in Amazon GC based on participation... Participation is quick too and averages out better than some mystery shops I pick up.

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