Kerns Scheduling Rating Question

I have completed two dozen shops using the scheduling company and my average shop grade says it is 1??? I am a bit confused because I've received feedback on a couple of shops thanking me for helping out, thanking me for well written reports, and even thanks for submitting extra photos for evidence of problems. I have one flake due to a family emergency in March. Father was hospitalized with DVT's & pulmonary embolisms.

How do their shop grades work? I can't imagine that all 23 reports sucked so bad that I was only given a grade of 1 for every submission. Do they just have a default of 1 since Maritz does the grading/payments? -_-


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Thanks! I was trying to figure out if they were on the 5 point system but I just don't see all 23 shops being a 0 or 1. And, all seems to be in the clear with dad. This was his second time with a DVT. First one was considered a fluke and blown off since he had gotten a bit heavy... 340 lbs at 6'0" . He's at a respectable 180-190 lbs now and they have discovered he has a clotting disorder. No one seemed to think much of it until it happened the second time. For that matter, they didn't check his lungs until a week after the leg clot when he was complaining of having trouble breathing. They blew that off as just complications from a recent pneumothorax. All scans have been clear and he's on blood thinners smiling smiley He's got a different medical team now too grinning smiley

I was trying to figure the Martiz/Kerns thing out. As you may guess by just 23 shops, I'm a bit newer to those companies but was confused by the low average.

Yeah, I've not done stuff Maritz thru Kern, only directly on the Maritz website. The majority of things Kern scheduled for me were for Sutter, ProReview (now Pinnacle), Ritter (now Alta 360), and a few other companies back in 2004 and 2005. Kern uses a 1-10 rating scale but most of my shops in the Kern log are not graded. It's weird that you have the 1 rating and I can only guess it's due to what you refer to a flake. To me that's not a flake. Glad your Dad's ok.
I actually don't see any grades on any shops and it only shows at the top so I was confused. It's probably because of the flake citation. I was offered removal to complete the shop but we were actually several hours from home for a few weeks with everything smiling smiley Probably nothing to worry about too much since they seem to assign me 1-2 shops a month, regardless grinning smiley

It looks like the "1" rating reflects the flake. I have worked for various companies scheduled by KSS for about 6 years. KSS doesn't assign a rating to any of the reports you complete for MSCs. Most shoppers start with a "5" and still have a "5" after years. I've never gotten any kind of a rating and my rating is still the 5. The only time KSS makes any change to your rating is if you flake and they then lower your rating to reflect that you flaked. If they continue to assign you shops, I wouldn't worry about it.
Thanks! I don't do too many, but I do enjoy the 1-2 I get each month. I can usually snag a bonus on the shops, too. It threw me off and I couldn't understand why I was graded so poorly. You all have been helpful. I wonder if I could ask for it to be removed if I pick up a hard to fill shop? I saw one of those pesky Hardware type shops hit $100 at a location a little out of the way.

I wouldn't worry about it if they are still assigning shops but you can ask them about it. Most of the shops I have scheduled through them have my ratings on the site of the individual msc that they scheduled those jobs for. There are just a few I have done that are listed on the main kern site. Perhaps you never did one that was directly for kern itself. (except for the flake one)
I think you are worrying "much ado about nothing. You are still being assigned shops and you are definitely getting paid. So.............what's the problem? Worrying gives you grey hair. Stop stressing your self. When they stop PAYING you then worry. smiling smiley
Kern does the scheduling. They don't have editors. I don't even confirm my shops on their site after I get the assignments.

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@sandyf wrote:

There are just a few I have done that are listed on the main kern site. Perhaps you never did one that was directly for kern itself. (except for the flake one)

Any shops scheduled by Kern are scheduled only for a MSC. None of the shops are actually performed for KSS. A couple show up on the KSS website, like shops performed for Kinesis, and they require that you input the date you completed the shop but you then do the acctual report on the MSC website. Even those are not given a grade by KSS. Kern doesn't assign a grade to any of the shops they schedule for any MSC. Any grades are given by the MSC the job is performed for. But if you flake on any shop KSS schedules, the scheduler can adjust your overall KSS grade as a warning to other KSS schedulers. If you contact Lorrie Kern, she may be willing to remove the flake citatiion that is causing your rating to show up as a 1. I probably wouldn't bother if the KSS schedulers were still scheduling me shops. But if it bothers you, it is worth contacting her.
Thank you all for all of the information. I was not aware of some of the details mentioned and it certainly made me feel better. I actually snagged another Home shop today, so perhaps most schedulers ignore the one flake from almost a year ago smiling smiley I am averaging 2-3 shops a month through them that I enjoy doing grinning smiley

I also have a 1 rating from Kern with shops dating back to 2005. I don't have any flakes. I'm choosing to ignore it because I'm still getting shops without problem. smiling smiley
I probably should check this forum more often. It's helpful to know I'm not the only one that has an Average Rating that says 1. Most of my shops are between 8 and 10 and I have about 30 completed. I have been writing to my schedulers about this since last JULY 2016 and my emails have been passed around but still not fixed and no one seems to care. The last email I received was from Lorri Kern that said this:
"No shops are submitted on the KSS site. None. Your ratings on your completed shops will be on our client's sites. (The people that pay you)." --Lorri
Great but I still don't know who to contact about this. If I find out how to get it fixed I will let you know.
Since Lorri is the boss, she's the one you would talk to about getting it fixed. Since she pretty much dismissed it as nothing to worry about, I wouldn't worry about it. It apparently does not affect your ability to get scheduled.
Most aren't rated. I have 148 shops on the KSS site. Only 7 out of 148 were rated. They were all 10's. Guess I got lucky. I'd have to do a lot of shops to move that rating up.
I am so glad I visit here! This string alone just answered my latest round of questions, Thank You ALL!
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