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I have attempted the post office certification test twice and both times had the printout of the guidelines next to me. I felt positive that I had answered the questions correctly but did not pass either time. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I have only one more attempt allowed and really want to pass.

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Yes, we had a thread about this last month where a forum member had problems with it. Maybe you should try to contact your scheduler for assistance.
I had that happen--I believe it was my thread. I had to just answer based off of my own past experience with the shop because two of my questions were answered verbatim off of the guidelines and did not match up true to experience. I'd contact the scheduler, just to be sure, before you hit the submit button. I took a leap of faith and changed my answers on the last test since I would only miss out on a few shops, but thankfully it worked in my favor.

I took the 2017 test a couple of weeks ago after having done the shop and also the prior tests many times. I reread the rules and made notes but the questions on the new test were totally different and covered some things I did not expect to have to pay attention to. I had no idea what to answer on those questions and basically guessed thinking I would fail but lo and behold I got a 100. Good luck as some of the new questions seem pretty strange to me.
Very little changed in the guidelines. I took the test, flunked, read the new guidelines and then passed.
It's possible we're all discussing different shop questions too. There are 2-4 different scenario/varieties? But I took two types and passed after two tries each. I went with what I knew instead of the guidelines. Questions were worded just a little off that made answers change. Thankfully, I passed but I was about to email scheduler.

My scheduler needed me to pass immediately. She did tell me if I didn't pass the first time through to call her right away and she would help me. Fortunately, I passed the tests the first time.

So I'd say get in touch with your scheduler right away.
I printed the guidelines first and then found the answers to each question. I have my first shop coming up but I can't find the email!!! What company is this for???
You know we can't tell you that. It states quite clearly at the top of your guidelines which company it is. It's the header on the guidelines. Nice try.
Hey Singing, we didn't hear back from you...I am guessing my instinct was right that you were just fishing for information on which MSC shops the post offices. Wow, you must think we are super gullible!
Do they automatically assign? I have 2 post offices nearby that do not show on the board. I know they are getting shopped.
No, they don't automtically show up. I asked for my locations the day they were released. I emailed my scheduler and asked for specific locations so they probably weren't on the board for very long. Maybe a shopper in your area is very proactive as well and snapped them up before you ever saw them.
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